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08 September 2014

Whirlwind of a Life

I'm just going to jump back into this thing and say the last few weeks have been quite a whirlwind of travel, stress, family and birthdays.

Let's go back in time to Saturday August 16th- this is where my journey began/ended/started/life got crazy. 

Except really we are going back to Friday the 15th when I went to pick up my first Rent the Runway dress- the blue Kate Spade one. I went to the store after dropping off the kids, they handed me the dress and at the last second I asked if it was okay if I tried it on. Thank goodness I did, in the dressing room I found the zipper was broken. Yikes- panic ensued. 

After trying on several more dresses and being assured a replacement dress would appear before 8 pm, I headed out the door with a beautiful green backup dress, just in case the Kate Spade replacement didn't show. Thankfully it did, but then I had a different dilemma- do I wear the new dress or the original pick? I decided to go with the original just because a) it is what I had originally picked, b) it's what my sister was expecting and c) that's what I had bought new shoes and a necklace for. 

Saturday I woke up bright and early, went down to DryBar and had my hair did for the bridal shower. I then hopped on a train to Philadelphia for the event. 

My eldest sister and one of the other bridesmaids planned the event, and they did an absolutely amazing job.

There were green candy stations (one of the wedding colors), stations to write memories, address thank-you notes, share a recipe and more. They had an engagement photo to sign as well. They also laid out the party favors (super adorable chocolate covered Oreos decorated with lips and a mustache- another theme). We even had super cute lips and mustaches on stick to play dress up with (and were for a game!)

The party was wonderful, everyone looked fantastic and it was so nice to see my family before I left for Europe. I hopped back on a train to head home and officially finish packing- a little last minute but hey, I made it..

good chunk of the bridal party- missing a few gals!

Sunday was one last brunch with friends and then heading to Spain! I watched The Other Woman on the plane, and it was hilarious- definitely recommended. 

The adventure continues tomorrow! Tune in for Spain...

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