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09 September 2014

Lesson of the Day: Always Pack Extra Underwear

Seriously- with as much stuff as I pack for the children when we travel, I never seem to do as well for myself. New lesson learned- just like when you pack several extra outfits for the kids, you should pack some for yourself.

We left off yesterday as I flew to Spain for the start of our end-of-the-summer work trip. Our plane left late, which meant we landed later than anticipated in Paris (CDG) where we would be switching planes for Malaga, Spain.We still had about an hour and half layover but by the time we made it off the plane with two kids, trekked through the large airport, made it through another layer of security, took a bus to the next terminal, passed passport control and got to the next gate we had about 5 minutes until they were about to close the doors. Thankfully we made it.
view into CDG

we made our flight to Spain! yay!
As we got off our plane in Spain, I realized I hadn't seen my passport since passport control. Frantically looking through all the backpacks and carry-ons it wasn't too be found. One of my worst nightmares come true, stuck in a foreign place and possible no way to leave! Ahh- then it got worse.

By the time we made it to the luggage carousal everyone from our plane was gone. We looked around for our 6 very large suitcases- but they were no where to be seen. A sign says luggage from CDG may be at a different carousal, so we meander over there but still no luck. Some time has passed by this point so we slowly make our way over to the lost luggage counter. The man there is not very much help. Our luggage did not make the flight, that's okay- we can manage. Next flight arrives at 9 pm, we should have our bags in the morning.

This is where packing an extra pair of underwear would have been nice, and a bathing suit, and perhaps a pair of shorts. Finally making it to the hotel, I was able to throughly search through all of our backpacks and at least one case was solved- my passport was present tucked between pages of a book. Best news all day.
And thankfully our hotel apartment had a washer/dryer, super large towels, and some fancy cotton shirts for us to borrow.

Next morning- the luggage has still not arrived. Meanwhile I'm stuck in my lululemon wunder under pants that are not as comfortable in 90+ heat. My boss and her father run to a department store to grab bathing suits for the kids, sunscreen, and something I so desperately wanted- shorts and flip-flops. They come back mid-morning and I have never been so grateful.
first day break- no bathing suit but at least I had flip-flops
But still no luggage... whomp whomp, at this point we are gearing up to make an even bigger shopping trip. Clothes for everyone, days worth. And then the miracle phone call! The fourth plane in (since we had landed- yes fourth) has our luggage! We make the happy trip to dinner and come back to the most beautiful sight-6 large suitcases packed with all of our things.

Never have I been so happy to put on a different set of clothes. My lesson is now officially learned- always bring an extra set of clothes!!

And that was just day one...
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  1. Omg! So glad your luggage was found!

  2. Thank goodness you found your passport! That's terrifying.