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18 September 2014

Stitch to the Fix: Box # 4

Whew- we got through the travel recap! That could be good, or bad but either way it's done and now we are moving on.

Right when I got back from Paris, literally the day of, I also received my 4th Stitch Fix box in the mail! It was a very very nice package to come home to- I'm pretty sure I dropped all my luggage and opened it first.

Haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet? Well let me tell you- it is a pretty incredible personal stylist site. And they are awesome for several reasons...
  • They have you fill out an extensive profile all about YOUR style- what you like to wear, how you like to wear it, how you accessorize, which colors and fabrics you like .
  • You can also send them notes on specific items you are looking for or pieces you want in your box- they can't always guarentee it but they will try their absolute best!
  • Each box is filled with 5 pieces- mixes of clothes or accesories (mostly clothes)
  • You pay a $20 stylist fee (which is then subtracted from whatever you keep in your box) and then you only pay for what you keep. Items range from $25 and up- and that is also something you can make a preference, how much you want to pay.
  • If you decide to keep ALL the items in your box, you get an additional 25% off!
  • Check them out NOW!! This is a referral link- if you register you will giving me a credit, that being said Stitch Fix is not endorsing this and I am reviewing them all on my own- because they are awesome.
On to the good stuff... Now I really liked everything in my box this time (except for the last dress) it was my style, and what I had asked for but at the same time not my favorite box. I had asked for some fall pieces, now that the weather is cooling off (yay!) like cardigans and some dresses I could wear with leggings. This is what I received.

41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan- $48.00- I had asked for a cardigan, and while this one was very nice, definitely my style and would without a doubt be great for fall- I already own several navy cardigans. Kind of a standard in ones closest (at least for me). Not only do I have some normal ones, but I already even have a drapey one. Plus $48 for an item I already own was a bit overkill. I had been hoping for a more unique, fun, patterned cardigan. Maybe my next box.. this one I sent back.

Market and Spruce Alan French Terry Asymmetrical Zip Cardigan- $68.00 - This was more what I was talking about, something different, something I didn't already own and something super comfy! The cardigan is a bit heavier- kind of a fine line between a light jacket vs. sweater but super cozy and just what I was looking for. It will pair well with colorful things, a pair of leggings or even jeans. Winner!

Skies are Blue Leyla Mixed Print Cotton Mini Skirt-$58.00- I so so so adored this skirt when it came out of the box, it is not anything I would have picked up on my own but once I saw it I loved it. But to my horror- it didn't fit!! The skirt was way too tight- I'm still not even sure how I managed to put it on for the above picture (hint- it's not zipped!) I really liked it on (as much as it was on) and I did request a larger size for my next box. Hopefully they will have it!!

41Hawthorn Ashland Chevron Print Dress- $78.00- Loved this dress, it fit, looked great, is super comfy and a decent price point (a little more than I would normally spend but that is also the luxury of having it sent to you). It has great colors, could be great with a cardigan and leggings for fall or for next Spring/Summer. I am very happy with the piece it was definitely a keep!

  Pomelo Clarice Multi Stripe Knit Fit & Flare Dress - $74.00- This dressed looked nice out of the box but it fit just a bit off when I tried it. It was just okay for me, I'm not a huge black/white fan and the stripes were okay. Sent it back.

Overall the box was good, still my style- all things I would wear, just a bit off on sizing and picks. I made some more detailed notes on my review, I had really wanted some nice casual dresses that I could wear to work (sweater dresses, t-shirt dresses)- and although the above ones look casual, they were still a little too "fancy" for me. If I worked in an office they would have been great, but I don't. I run around with kids most of the day and need something even easier. I've loved all of my past boxes and still adore the service- would recommend to anyone in a drop of a hat. Looking forward to what my next box brings!!

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  1. All are super cute. The last dress is my favorite though.

  2. I love the chevron dress! I think that suits you very well!

  3. I really love the pieces you picked, but the last dress was my fave! I thought it looked great on you! :)

  4. Great pieces. The two dresses are def my fav but I like the one you picked most!

  5. I actually love both of those dresses!

  6. I love both of those dresses! I've heard mixed things about Stitch Fix. I'm glad that you shared the price points of each item-- it drives me nuts when people don't!

  7. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it- loved the fit, print and comfort!

  8. I liked them both too, it just wasn't worth it to keep both, and I knew I wouldn't wear the black and white one as much- not ready to step outside of my comfort zone just yet...

  9. I think it's important to share the prices- and although they are a bit higher than retail you have to remember that you are paying for the convenience of having someone else pick things out for you, send them to you and let you try them on in the comfort of your own home. It is a business and they do need to make money at some level to continue their service.

  10. This looks like a super fun and awesome service! While I don't know how crazy I am about the higher price points of it, it still looks like something I may check out in the future! I wish that all of our favorite stores would do a service like this lol.

  11. The prices are a bit higher than average but you have to remember that you are paying for them to pick out personalized pieces for you, send them to you, and have the luxury of trying them on in your own home and then send back whatever you don't want for free. They also give a 25% discount when you buy all five pieces. There is definitely an upcharge to the clothes but they are a business and need to make money at some level. For the most part I love them and have been very pleased with the service.