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16 September 2014

Amusement for All

I know, I know- these Paris recaps are probably getting a bit old by now... but we did so many things in our five days and I have just too many pictures to share to cram it all in to one post. We are almost finished, I swear!

Day 4- The morning of our 4th day was spent at an amusement park that wasn't Disney. . We went to Jardin d'Acclimation, a 20-acre children's park located in the northern part of Bois de Boulogne (kind of like their Central Park).

The park was amazing and had so many things to do. It was overrun with families enjoying the weekend and the sunny weather. We spent most of our time riding the kiddie rides but we also played on one of many playgrounds, watched camels and other zoo animals and ate lunch at one of their multiple restaurants. Lunch, by the way, had a larger dessert buffet than actual lunch food.
while we were waiting to leave the boys read to each other.. aww

silly faces on the airplane ride (which was actually kind of scary!)

Both boys loved it, had a fun morning and it was pretty affordable. We only touched on a fraction of the place too, I could see if you lived in or around Paris that it would be a frequented spot with kids.

After heading back into the city I tried my absolute hardest to make it to the Catacombs, but they closed at 4 and although I made it to the location by 4 they already shut down the line. Next time, next time!

So instead I went and walked up and the down Champs Elysees, looking at all the lovely stores, the Arc de Triomphe and stopping into the original Laduree to pick up some macarons. It was fun day to people watch, sit on a bench and munch on my tasty snacks (still up in the air over which was my favorite flavor!)

I thought this store was funny- they had a whole line called "American Freshman- authentic campus clothing" featuring American universities and sports teams!

nom nom nom

That night I did almost get lost- I was meant to meet my family for dinner at 7:30 but when I got to the restaurant it was closed! Seriously panicked- thought I might have gone to the wrong spot, but they are typically late so I waited 20 minutes, started to walk back to the metro to find some sort of wi-fi to contact them or the hotel and then they should up. All was well and we found a hole in the wall place to eat.

Tomorrow: Day 5 (and the last day) at Monet's House!

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