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16 February 2014

The Cutest Monkeys on the Block!

For my job I manage a family's household as well as care for their two adorable boys, J & J

Little J just celebrated his 2nd birthday! Ahh- both are ridiculously adorable and so much fun to hang out with. They are very into Thomas the Train and we read lots and lots of books together.

Another adorable man in my life is my nephew, N, he just turned 6 months- I was able to spend all day yesterday with him and today while his mother, my sister (M), got her first night overnight without him. My mother (Gram) is in town taking care of him and I'm along for the sweet baby kisses and homemade food. 

So stinking cute! 
Gladly and sadly these are my main men-  NYC is great for everything but finding a boyfriend, so for now I will keep my pint-size cuties!

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