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24 February 2014

Monday Blues

Eww... Monday. What an interesting (not) day of the week- I seem to have the Monday Blues, it was so hard getting out of bed this morning. My highlight this week is the talk of snow on Wednesday! With that I thought I would discuss some of my favorite things these days-things I have trouble managing without during the week.
Starbucks: Mmmm- just thinking about it makes me want to run out and grab another cup of coffee. My go to drink is a Tall Hazelnut Coffee in a Grande Cup. I've only been at my new job for 6 months and the baristas  already know my order- and I'm the mayor of the Starbucks on FourSquare. Repeat- " I do not have a problem, I do not have a problem"

My beautiful, wonderful, darling Kindle- this is the second one I've owned and I honestly don't know where I would be without it. This will be a MUST take on my hike in a few years- even with the few extra ounces, having hundreds of books to choose from will be great to have.  I love how long the battery lasts, how easy it is to hold with one hand, and of course how many books it can contain!
I'm pretty sure this little miracle bottle of joy is what has changed the acne and blemishes on my face. Kiehl's has truly worked wonders with this product and I love it so much I basically tell everyone I know to use it- it smells ah-mazing, feels weightless on my skin, and no matter what state I was in the night before my face looks refreshed and ready to go come morning. Please go out and buy it, like right now.
And of course my fantastic ipad. I bought this, with the help of a few gift cards, for my birthday this past year. It has now traveled across the world and back. It has a variety of uses, from keeping me entertained while sitting at Mixed Martial Arts, to keeping the munchkins entertained while on an 8 hour flight to Europe. Its not as lightweight as others but it is lighter than my laptop and I really enjoy how the Apple cloud works, everything is synced together and that makes it very useful. Sometime in the next few weeks I will discuss my favorite apps on the Iphone and Ipad.

Well these are a few things that make my life easier... I'm sure this list could go on and on and on and on.
The kiddos were pretty great this morning- Little J told me his first multiple word sentence (I see the bus too!) They are celebrating Dr.Seuss this week and have an alphabet parade at school on Friday- I now have the wonderful task of coming up with a letter outfit for them to wear. Too bad our assigned letters "h & n" are not the greatest to work with. Joy. Happy Monday!

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