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22 February 2014

I LOVE Saturdays!

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend weather! New York City was gorgeous today- and I had a wonderful day sleeping in, getting a much needed massage and running some errands. I even finally went to a furniture store to look at some of the couches I've been looking at online. The first is called the "Larson". It even comes with the 3 pillows featured! Makes it nice since I was actually looking at silver and yellow pillows to begin with..
This is the second couch-the "Metropolis"- and it would be in the the gray color, - both are about the same price. I'm leaning towards the second one just in regards of sizing, but I like the color of the first one better. oh the dilemma! - hopefully in the next week or two I can go back and inquire about pricing plans and whatnot. Maybe even make a decision...

Not too much else going on in this game- caught up with some friends last night, cleaned my apartment, now just catching up on some tv- anyone else watching The Following? And I'm almost finished with The Monuments Men- it has been very interesting read. Perhaps I will write a review in the next few days. Well back to life-  looking forward to a great Sunday Funday!
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  1. I really like the 2nd couch. I love the pins (?) in it. I don't know what that term is, but I like it! And I think it will look great in grey. I can't wait to see what you choose!