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11 February 2014


I'm jumping on the blog bandwagon and attempting to write my own. Living in NYC, you definitely come across a lot of shenanigans- crazy dates, adventures with friends, and that wonderful thing called work. Is this what life is meant to be? I'm a kid at heart and I just want to play!

I like telling stories- but I'm not much of a writer, so this will be an interesting experiment. Let's cross our fingers I can actually keep it up.

My name is Rebekah- I grew up in Florida, went to college in Virginia and am now living in NYC (almost 5 years!). I studied business in school, and am currently working as a house manager for a family on the UWS (Upper West Side). Basically I run their lives- I cook, care for the kids, manage the household, errands, other staff, lots of random things. Some days its just changing some lightbulbs and making plain pasta- others days it can be caring for a vomiting child while trying to plan a birthday party. I also travel with them, which can be pretty fun- last year we went to London, Spain, Panama and Costa Rica- not too shabby. In addition I am the part-time owner of  a babysitting service in Philadelphia with my sister and mom, called Sitter Select (check us out at Most of the time I'm working but when I'm not I hanging out with a great group of friends and exploring this wonderful town.

I'm laid-back and hyperactive all at the same time, I love N'Sync, Miley Cyrus and candy- I in no way think of myself as an adult and if could truly pick one thing to do all day it would be to sit on  a beach with an endless supply of mojitos and books.

Let's get this party started!
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