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21 February 2014

On Wednesdays we eat Chipotle...

Hello! Long time - no chat! It has a bit of a busy week combined with the fact that the internet in my apartment has been on the fritz, boo!, I have had some trouble sitting down to write a new post. Let's see- the weather here is finally warm (50!), amazing I know. I actually wore my light coat for the first time in weeks- and you can see some of the cars on the streets again. We had a wonderful sunny day yesterday which allowed big J to ride his scooter to school- very helpful to me, since typically he walks as slow as a turtle,but with the scooter he zooms right along. 
Despite the warm days it looks like we will be getting more snow next week. I hope it's a lot - I'm actually a winter baby at heart and love the snow and cold weather! Except for when it starts to look like this. Yuck!
 As usual Wednesday was a crazy day of running around- I completely forgot that little J did not have his PT appointment and ran home with him to realize we could have just gone straight to school from his toddler class- but as the norm on my way home I got some delicious Chipotle. I also started the new season of Girls- happy to say I'm caught up on it for now.
I am super happy it is Friday and hope to see all of my lovely friends this weekend! Everyone go out and enjoy the weather!

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