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11 August 2014

Weekend Schmeekend

Welcome to Monday- where the fun never ends! Blah.

The weekend- let's see- I spent a good chunk of my weekend attending birthday parties for small children.

I started off Friday by getting cancelled on again for my second date with that kid from the other day. He was sick- which is fine, my throat wasn't feeling too great either. I ended up watching X-Men and drinking some wine with a friend.

Saturday I woke up feeling worse (lotion tissues are my jam these days) but my sister came into town, and my mom flew in in the morning and we all went over to Rent The Runway to try on and pick out dresses for the bridal shower next week and rehearsal dinner for the wedding in October. The trip was a success- I picked out a super cute Kate Spade dress for next weekend and this other cute lace dress that I  never normally would have picked for myself for the rehearsal dinner this fall.
kate spade dress

dress for rehearsal dinner from Nha Khanh

After dress shopping we went to Big J's birthday party- on Saturday he turned 5! It was adorable watching all the little munchkins run around, Big J and Little J were super excited to see me there- and my nephew, who came with us, had as much fun as a one-year old can. We had to laugh too because Little J and my nephew (who are a year and a half apart) are almost the same height!

two cuties playing together!
 My sisters, my mom and I went to lunch after and then I did some shopping while continually feeling worse and worse. I finally dragged myself home around 5 where I then spent the rest of the afternoon/evening curled on the couch with some tea and large box of tissues. Just the way I wanted to spend my Saturday! On another fun note, apparently it's okay if a guy cancels because he is sick- but not okay if I cancel because I am sick- needless to say, date #1 maybe our last... whomp whomp.

Sunday I woke up feeling better- which is good, because in just one week we are flying to Europe. (btw- I'm looking for some guest posters for the few weeks I will be gone, if you are interested send me an email!) I started "packing" - meaning I threw a bunch of things I might want to bring into a pile on my floor. This week will be lots of fun- I mean it!
packing- at it's finest!

The afternoon was spent celebrating my nephews first birthday! I seriously can't believe he is already one! He is oh so cute, crawls like a bear, is going to be walking very soon, and already loves cake. Best kid ever. I bought him a handful of the J's favorite stories along with an L.L Bean monogrammed bag (you got start them young with the monograms!).

reading with the birthday boy
The books will be lifelong favorites and the bag will last forever- they are really great bags if you don't have one (I have 3) and L.L Bean has a lifetime guarantee so once it does start to fall apart they will replace it for free. This is one of my favorite things about them, my mom has this one backpack with a leather fastener and I'm pretty sure she has gotten it replaced by them at least 3 times. Customer service is key in a business!

Off track- sorry, Sunday night I did some more packing, noseblowing, and some reading... And if you haven't checked out the first episode of Outlander yet- you totally should. It was amazing, a perfect cast and right on par with the book. I'm so glad it was made into a TV show and not a movie- now they will be able to do it like it should be done.

And on another lovely note- I've totally revamped my sponsor page with the help of Charissa from House of Bliss, check it out!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! 
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  1. OMG please tell me that gorgeous red dress is online somewhere?! I love the Kate Spade too but my entire closet is dark colors :(