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06 August 2014

The Dating Game: Round 2

Surprise! I went on another date this past Monday.

I would say this one was even more successful than the last one.. so far off to a great start!

What I Wore: #worstbloggerever because I, once again, did not take a picture of my outfit. I will tell you anyways.. I wore jeans (kensie jeans from my first Stitch Fix box) and a this super cute embroidered top I just bought from Old Navy for $8! Plus my gold sandals. Messy bun for hair, minimal makeup.

What He Said First: This one was met on tinder- this is actually the first person I've ever met face to face from tinder. And opposed to many of the people I speak to on there he is making some effort to get to know me. We both swiped right (yes) and then he reached out first with "Hey Rebekah how goes it". I replied (obviously) and we chatted that night for quite sometime. I eventually asked to move it off the app and we exchanged numbers.

This is the same guy that cancelled on me a few weeks ago- I know, I know. Usually I have a one-time chance policy and once you cancel you are out, but after cancelling he continued to reach out so I continued to answer. Finally last week I got fed up and asked him if he wanted to meet for coffee or a drink sometime. Which then led to meeting up on Monday.

The Details:  We met a cafe near my place of work that has coffee, teas, smoothies, etc. He doesn't drink caffeine so I figured it was a safe location. After we got drinks we walked around the neighborhood, over to Museum of Natural History, around Central Park for a bit. He came in from NJ and had parked his car near a meter so we walked back after about an hour and then sat on a bench in front of his car and talked until I had to grab the munchkins from school.

Ranking: A Kiss- he was super nice, we've actually already made tentative plans to meet-up again. I've had good first dates, and awful second dates so we will see what happens. And if anything it was good company the first time, so I hope it will be the second time.

And that's all you get.
Until the next one...

AND on a side note- Today is my nephew's FIRST birthday! I seriously can't believe it has already been a year since the little booger was born. Happy Birthday from Auntie Bek!
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