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13 August 2014

How to Pack for a Trip with Children

First things first- make a list of everything that could possible go wrong with your child. Think contracting the swine flu to flash blizzard in the desert.

Your next step is to then make of list a everything you could possible need to aid or fix the above disasters. You will end up with something that looks like this:

But seriously, when you pack for a trip with children, you will end up bring an unnecessary amount of items. How many snacks will they eat? What if one child gets diarrhea and goes through 6 outfits in one day? The ultimate disaster- a suitcase gets lost!

For my job, I travel with the family to different countries about 3 times a year. And it doesn't get too much easier until all children are out of diapers. Typically I am packing 2-3 suitcases for two children (depending on the length of our trip and location). Take our upcoming trip, for example.

and this only about half of what I need to pack...
We are spending about 9 days in sunny southern Spain, and then flying to Paris for 5 days. Already the weather in Paris is in the low 70s. This means I will be packing fun, loungy beach clothes, as well as a handful of pants, long sleeve t-shirts, some sweaters.

My list includes- books, toys, puzzles, snack items like - goldfish, cereal, pirate booty. I need to pack all diaper related items- wipes, diapers, swim diapers, diaper cream, bags. Most places don't have kid friendly cups or silverware, so good ahead and throw in those items too. We need bath toys, beach toys, life jackets and sunscreen. The list goes on... and when all is said in done, I may only use about half of it- but when it comes to children, you definitely want to be safe rather than sorry.

Don't forget the rain gear! (children in the rain are the worst!)
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  1. I had no idea this was your job! I would love to hear more about it!

  2. this is exactly what packing for my family looks like when we drive from Georgia to New Jersey (to visit my in laws) I can only imagine going to other countries! yikes! high five on the lists!

  3. LOL this is so true (the mountains of stuff, the never ending lists). I just wanted to pop by and tell you I really love your blog and I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Here's my post with the details.

    I hope you'll accept and in turn nominate some other fantastic blogs!