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15 August 2014

The Rain in Spain

First off- it's one week until my birthday! Woo!! And it's my dad's birthday today! Happy Birthday Dad!

The posts this week were all over the place, so many things are going on right now I'm just throwing what I can and feel out there. Yesterday was a pour your heart out kind of day and hopefully you can go with the flow here.

Sunday I am leaving for Spain/France with work- the packing has been never ending- pack all day at work then come home and pack for myself. the joy. I've got a few friends stopping by the blog while I'm gone in the next two weeks- please give them all a warm welcome. I'm hoping to get some things down while I'm away too- although I'm still debating whether or not to bring my computer...

Five Things for the Week

1) This is the best birthday present a friend could ever send! Seriously, fangirl squealing here.

I received this epic gift from a friend of mine who I have known since middle-school. We haven't spoken as often as I would have liked the last few years, but every time we do speak it's like we never stopped. Love her, love this, love Nsync.

2) And all these shipping labels? The first is from my friend, clearly that is my middle name ; ) Birchbox sent the second- they are stepping up their game!

3) Parties! Tomorrow is my sister's bridal shower! Whoop whoop! I picked my beautiful Kate Spade dress today from Rent the Runway, have all my accessories lined up and am ready to spend the day in Philadelphia celebrating her. Hopefully will get some good pictures in! And I got her a really cute gift...

4) Books, books, books- not that I ever stop reading, I'm addicted. I went ahead and signed up for the free trial of the Kindle Unlimited. So far I'm pretty impressed. They have a great selection and for a crazy reader like me it might be worth it. I will update when my 30-days are up..

5) Speaking of books- I've got a rocking guest post about some of my favorite children's books over with Ashley from That Southern Mama. Check it out!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 
(I'm linking up with all these peeps because I'm cool like that- check out some other super awesome bloggers today!!)

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  1. ROFL those shipping labels are killing me. way too funny. I enjoyed your guest post :) Goodnight Moon is a fave here too.