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19 August 2014

Guilty Pleasures

I'm linking up today with Sarah and Helen for #totalsocial- this months topic, Guilty Pleasures.

Not sure why we have to consider them as something to be guilty of but we all have them,myself included.

I absolutely love any and all celebrity gossip. I get my US Weekly, ONTD updates and just about any and everything in my news feeds. Learning about the inner workings of a celebrity is like crack to me- they wore that? said that? kissed who? I seriously will call family members to tell them something that a celebrity did- mind you all people I do not know.

The Clique book series- one of my biggest guilty pleasures. These are the most ridiculous books and yet I love them so so much. It's a bit embarrassing- but hey, I guess that's why we are here! The author is no longer writing them since I own all of them (yes, all of them) I re-read them from time to time. The series is about a young girl named Claire, who moves with her family from Florida to Westchester. They move in with an old friend of her father's, a very wealthy family who have a daughter the same age as Claire, Massie. Massie is your "typical" popular girl- one who owns her school. She has more designer clothes than I could ever dream about owning and everyone under thumb. Super ridiculous and my favorite thing to get lost in.

And Harry Potter fanfiction - I'm a total nerd at heart but man some of them are amazing, like almost on par with J.K herself. 

Also before I go to sleep at night I like to make-up stories as if I was related to, best friends with or dating a celebrity. Like I have on going stories that I jump back in forth to - some that start as me as practically an infant to old age and relaxing in rocking chairs. I've been doing it probably since middle-school. It's as if I create alternate universes in my head..

Helene in Between

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
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  1. I didn't think I had any "guilty pleasures" when I started writing, and then I thought of one thing after another that I liked but wished I didn't. It's ok though, I think it makes the linkup more fun!

    Harry Potter fan fiction sounds amazing! Do you purchase books, or is there a website you can read people's stuff on? How does fan fiction work?

  2. US Weekly is always amazing when I remember to buy one... I always forget though. I'm so behind on my celeb gossip it is embarrassing

  3. I love gossip mags! i need to pick one up for today :)

  4. hmm i had no idea there was HP fanfiction - I love variations / sequels of jane austen's books, so i imagine i'd like the HP ones as well. Oh I used to be obsessed with trashy mags, used to waste so much money until i made myself stop buying them. i make my husband check out the groceries while i read them in store haha

  5. Celebrity gossip is the ultimate guilty pleasure- speaking of, I'm heading to now!!

  6. Those are some great guilty pleasures! Nothing beats celebrity gossip, eh?

  7. I've never read HP fan fic but I've kind of always wanted to!

  8. OMG the clique series!!! I forgot all about it!

  9. I've never even heard of the clique series, ooops! Celebrity gossip is a must!

  10. Um, I totally have ongoing stories with people I know and don't know IRL. Also, fanfic has been a HUGE part of my life in the past! Twilight and One Tree Hill!

  11. oh my gosh i totally read the clique when i was growing up!! i remember that book! and i loooove tabloids!! LOVE THEM!