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04 August 2014

The Dating Game: Round 1

I didn't do much of anything this weekend except get my hair trimmed and saw the new planet of the apes movie (super good!) so I'm just going to jump in on my date from last week...

What I Wore: I forgot to take a picture because I'm a bad blogger... but I wore the blue top I got from my second Stitch Fix box (seen here) as well as the kensie jeans I received from my first Stitch Fix box (seen here and here). I had been at work all day so I wore my hair in low messy bun, along with some gold sandals from Target.

What he said first: This man messaged me first on He first asked me what tv shows I was currently watching. And that started our conversation..

The Details: After messaging, texting and talking for a bit he finally asked me if I wanted grab a coffee or something. I said yes, and he picked a Starbucks to meet at on a Wednesday night... a little lame in my opinion but also a very public place- but who drinks coffee at 8:30 at night? Not I. We met outside and said hello, went in and got our drinks, which he paid for. We sat down at the front of the store and chatted for about an hour. It was a fine time but nothing crazy- he definitely seemed super into himself and his job, mostly discussed that with very few questions towards me. He was nice though, I've been on creepy dates before and this was not one of them.

Ranking: A Hug- I had an okay time, if he called again I would respond but I don't feel the need to reach out to him myself. Most likely I will never hear from him again though and I am also completely okay with that.

And there you have it! Date number one is under the belt... now onward  

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  1. Glad to hear it wasn't a bad experience! One of my friends did this last summer where she went on several dates. I think she made it to 6 or 7. It lead to some great stories! Can't wait to hear more about yours! :-)

  2. So glad it wasn't a "creepy date". We've all been there!