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12 August 2014

lets talk about your business...

I mean the business that comes out of your back end- that's right, poop. A scary subject I know, but in reality one that is all about your health.

I admit it- I poop. And whether you like to do the same or not, truth is you do it too- perception aside it is how our bodies function.

Now it may not be fun, but I have discovered a product that makes pooping a bit easier, no no- not like your constipated easier but in the fact that it makes your poop smell better. Which then makes it easier to go in public places, or at work. A product that lets you go and no one will know! Amazing!
This beautiful little bottle of magic is called Poo-pourri. It really does wonders.. I had seen it around at boutiques and whatnot and though, hey- what not try it. I poop, and it would be nice to not smell it.. So for the past few months I've kept it in my bathroom and when it's time to go I use it. (is this a weird post or what?)

You spray 4-6 pumps of the product across the top of the water in your toilet.The scent is a kind of a lemon/ginger. And then you go- and no smell! It's a miracle- seriously.

I brought my bottle with me for my sister's bachelorette party weekend, turns out I wasn't the only one with that brilliant idea either- one of her friends brought a bottle of it too. We kept one in each main bathroom, and it definitely kept everyone much happier.

Overall the product is a win! And although pooping may be an awkward subject, there is no reason we need to smell it- check out the product here on amazon! (this is an affiliate link- if you click through and buy the product I will receive compensation)

*I did not receive this product complimentary, but chose to purchase and share it on my own- all thoughts and opinions are mine.*

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1 comment:

  1. I seriously LOVE this stuff!!! Last year, me and my boyfriend took this on the cruise with us because with those little cabins the bathroom is too close for comfort when ya gotta go..if ya know what I mean. I was a little skeptical purchasing a small bottle around $9.99 for and air freshener...but oh man, it is well worth it!!!
    Great topic for a post! :)
    -Kelly xoxox