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22 August 2014

Birthday Madness! + Giveaway

Well... it's here. The big 27. I officially feel old now that I've made the transition from mid-20s to late-20s. AHH. At around 8:30 ish this beautiful morning, 27 years ago, I decided to bless the world with my madness.

I've heard my birth story a few times, but I was about 2 weeks late- on Friday my mother went to the doctor and he told her that if I didn't show up by Monday then she was going to be induced. Determined to be a Leo (I'm right on the cusp) my strong-minded baby self decided to appear bright and early on Saturday morning. You're welcome world, I know, I'm awesome.

So Happy Birthday to Me! I'm getting myself a calorie-free day, the ability to fly, and maybe a new couch when I get back to the usa? Who knows- the possibilities are endless!

 I'm going to attempt to reflect on this past year- it's been overall a pretty good one..

1) I can feel my independence growing, and that I've pushed myself to learn who I think I am . I've always had strong feelings about women's rights and this year I felt like I actually talked about it more, made an effort to inform myself, educate others and love me for me.

2) For the first time I've actually set goals for myself, and ones that I feel I can actually keep. The Appalachian trail may still be a year and half away but I know that I will be doing it- the goal is set, and it will be completed.

3) Strength in my friends- for the first time in a while I have a solid group of friends that I know I can turn to, some of them I know will be friends for a lifetime, whether we eventually live in different states, countries, or still down the block. Is it weird to say I'm in love with all of them? They are all reading this and laughing now- but thanks for being awesome.

4) My emotions have changed so much- more so over the past few years and not just the past one and obviously it's because I'm getting older but I couldn't even express how grateful I am for it- I never cried about anything when I was younger and really almost all the way through college. Now though I am happy I can be okay to tear up at a commercial, sob over a book. I'm still not as great as expressing those emotions to other people, but I'm doing better. And I appreciate that I was able to change.

5) I appreciate the chances I've had to travel- not that I always get to see a ton when I travel with work, but I love the fact that I am still visiting foreign places, trying new cuisines and seeing different lifestyles. I look forward to traveling further, and just traveling in my own country this year.

Onward to another year- I think 27 is going to be even better than the last 26!

And on that note...summer is coming to an end (whomp whomp) so what better way to drown our sorrows than in $150 cash. sounds more than a little fantastic to me! I've joined up with Karli, from September Farm and all these other lovely ladies to bring you a nice treat to end the summer with..
 ...just check them out...aren't they dolls-faces?

get entered below. visit their super, fun blogs. thank me later.
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