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19 May 2015

swagbucks, mad bucks

I'm pretty sure I may have already mentioned this site on here before, but if I haven't I'm doing it now.

Swagbucks. There, I said it.

I go through phases about using this site, but when I'm in my "on" phase I'm always so confused as to way I'm not always using it.

But let me back up. Swagbucks, similar to eBates, is a site that allows you to earn gift cards and prizes based on answering surveys, playing games, answering polls and shopping.  I think over the years since I've started using the site I've earned about $105 in amazon giftcards. Which may not seem like a ton but when I probably only put in 10-15 min of my time here and there then it is quite nice.

Basically I'm in my "on" phase right now and need to spread the love. I've already earned $10 in Amazon giftcards this week alone. And it's Tuesday. Which always leads me back to the "why are you not doing this everyday?" question.

It is easy- it's free, and they have many other options other than Amazon to pick from. I just like them because man, books.

Sign up today!!

and seriously the name in itself is grand.

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  1. I do swagbucks too! I started doing it again this year after I read a pin about ways to save money. They suggested using your swagbucks to buy your Christmas presents that way it does not come out of your pocket. So smart and simple! I'm hoping to accumulate at least $300 in gift cards by December.

  2. I've seen that as an idea too for Christmas gifts, I think $300 is definitely doable- I got $15 in giftcards just this week!