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15 May 2015

awkward schmwkward

Let's see.. this week I encountered Michael Kors (he is my new work building celeb) and woah man, this is total different experience than Tim. First off Tim is always dressed to perfection- even when I encountered him at 7 am he had on well pressed jeans, loafers, a button down with a tie and a blazer on. Second he was super nice, confident, happy to lend a hand and chat about the weather.

Michael- not so much. He was wearing kind of drab clothes- cargo pants, sandals, and a tshirt. And you can just tell by looking at how he carries himself that is might be a tool. I can't actually say though, we didn't entirely interact.

Anyways, let's talk about this weeks favorites!

Favorite snack- an English muffin toasted with cream cheese and jelly. It is delicious and probably not that great for you and I really don't care. Nom nom!

Favorite gym class this week with the Class Pass- Uplift Strength.

Uplift is a women's only gym in Manhattan and this full body workout totally kicked my butt. I can only be thankful that I was already moderately in shape from spinning the last few weeks because if I had picked this as my first class in a while I may have died (or not been able to walk the next day). Plus their locker room was sick- all Malin+Goetz products, that actually included face soap and moisturizer for once, all the hair styling products you could ask for (hairdryer- given, but also multiple curling irons, and straighteners). They offered free snacks afterwards too...


Favorite book this week- Landline by Rainbow Rowell. Totally predictable but so ridiculously cute and charming. I'm kind of getting into this whole cheesy romance book thing...

Favorite purchase- I may have been a little too excited and ordered the Popsugar Special Edition Must Have Summer. Their special editions are always so fantastic and this time I was determined to not miss out!  (looks like there are still a few left if you want in on the fun!!
And this weeks favorite jam... Jason Derulo- Want to Want Me. That catchy beat, fun lyrics- I can't get it out of my head!! Plus they keep playing it in all my gym classes.

(p.s Grooveshark seems to be no more and I haven't' figured out how to embed songs differently so until further notice this link-up is music videos!) (RIP Grooveshark)

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Happy Friday!
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  1. wait...who's the famous tim who is nice?! that english muffin looks AMAZING. i want it real real bad. yum. maybe that'll be my splurge this weekend. :) don't forget to link back to either or so all your readers can link up to...if they want. thanks gal!

  2. That would be Tim Gunn- he is the best! And added your link-up button!

  3. I bet Tim Gunn would not approve of that drab outfit Michael Kors was wearing. But that doesn't surprise me either since he has more of a laid back style even at events/what he designs. Ooh I think tomorrow I might need to try your English Muffin out - it looks really yum.

  4. That english muffin with cream cheese and jelly may be my new breakfast!! Thanks for sharing!