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05 May 2015

Furry Kids Need Love Too!

I received these products from, but all opinions are of my own.

I know I don't talk about them tons on this site but my two cats, Sadie and Phoenix, hold a lot of love in my life. So it's no surprise that, like any other parent- fur or not, I want the best for them in everything.

Cue They reached out and offered to send me some wonderful products, and there is no way I could have said no.

First off I picked out some healthy and wholesome treats for my ladies- Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken & Salmon as well as the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken & Trout. No doubt about it, the cats loved them, were basically licking the floor after they ate them. And I felt great about giving them to the cats- healthy grain-free treats, with real ingredients, and made right here in the good old USA. There is not much more I can ask for in a product for my gals.

Even better, I was able to receive the FURminator Dual Brush. My ladies love a good brush-down, but with the weather changing it's that prime time that cat fur seems to be everywhere. I mean everywhere.  This brush though, has changed my life (and the cat's too- they love it!)

that is a look of pure joy on her face

 This brush is magic. It has two sides, hence the dual in the title, that help reduce shedding up to 90%. 90%! One side helps pick through knots and mats, while the other helps smooth out fur and remove any loose hairs (if you have a cat, then you know that can be a lot of hairs). Not only do both cats coats like nicer, but they feel better having a good chunk of their winter coats eased away in minutes.

Okay in all disclosure this FURminator brush was meant for dogs... but it totally works on cats. At least mine love it!

I've always been a big fan of, I actually use them for all my pet food and treats- they have a great autoship program that will deliver the food you love for your fur friends right to your door as often as you need it. And clearly they are also into giving your pets the best products possible.

What are some of your favorite pet finds?
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