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11 July 2014

oh hey Friday!

You kind of snuck up on me there.... Game night with my friends last night got a little crazy, as usual, and 6:15 is just not looking as great as it could.

Friday's Five

1) Going on a date tonight! woo- this will be the first of the game so I'm excited to report back..

2) Has anyone read The Selection book series? I finished the first one yesterday and am way too excited for that email from the library saying the 2nd is available

3) and speaking of book series, the 3rd Discovery of Witches book comes out in 4 days!! I'm not sure why but I totally had in my mind that it came out on the 5th of July and I was all ready to read it on the plane coming back from Florida- then womp womp, I was incorrect and it actually comes out on July 15th. So soon!

4) In my birchbox this month I got this product by Real Chemistry- a Luminous 3-Minute Peel. Kind of a mini-chemical peel. Well I tried it already and am so in love! My skin felt amazing afterwards and I could literally feel the dead skin flaky off- gross I know but beautiful at the same time. I still have enough left in my bottle for a few more tries but then I might actually buy the full-size package.

5) I'm becoming more and more impressed with this oil-pulling thing everyday. One - this morning, I was kind of hungover from my adventures last night, pulled for the 15 min and seriously felt a bajillion times better. woah nelly. Two- I had some cranky piece of I don't know what in my mouth earlier this week and decided to be a bit too aggressive in trying to remove it. This resulted in not so happy gums- pulled oil the next morning and boom gums were happy again. I took the week off in Florida but it feels kind of good to be doing it again. My teeth look cleaner, feel stronger and are starting to get a bit whiter. No health changes yet- my allergies are still in full force but we shall continue...

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  1. Ooooh, I want that 3 minute peel! And I'm super interested in oil pulling, but I haven't tried it yet. 15 minutes is a long time to swish something in your mouth!

  2. I have never heard of the Selection series, what is it about?