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31 July 2014

by golly- they've done it again!

That is Stitch Fix. I received my third box in the mail yesterday and as usual am so impressed. I just want to hire them to dress me all the time!

I am on my seat every month waiting for this box- and once again they hit the mark. If you haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet, let me tell you about them. They are this spectacular personal stylist service that you can sign up for online (feel free to use my referral link!). After filling out an extensive questionnaire based on your personal style, fit and price range they will send you five unique pieces of clothing and accessories. You pick out often you want them to come, ranging from every other week to just a few times a year. Once you get your box, you have the luxury of trying on everything at home, deciding what you want to keep, and whatever you don't want you send back for free, paying only for what you want. They do collect a $20 fee 2-3 days before you box arrives, but that $20 goes back as credit for whatever you decide to keep. And you can receive $25 in credit for anyone you refer! It's an amazing service- one that I recommend everyone at least try once!!

Now on to the good stuff.. this month I received:
The 41Hawthorn Coco Swiss Dot Lattice Detail Blouse for $74.00 and Level 99 Cindie Linen Shorts at $78.00. Both are a bit on the pricey side for my taste, but the shorts are so so so comfortable and the top is super cute, although it came with it's own polyester type tank underneath that I will most likely switch out for one of my own.  Love them, wish they were cheaper but still keeps!

The 41Hawthorn Lori Lace Fit and Flare Dress for $88.00.When I saw it in the box and on my style cards, I thought it was cute, and I still do- but it is not my style at all. I would literally never wear this. Looks nice, fit very well and had such fantastic detail but just not for me. I'm sending it back.

The Collective Concepts Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress for $78.00. I absolutely love this dress- I think it is my favorite thing from this box, and maybe all of my boxes so far. The dress is lightweight, adorable, has a fun pattern, and looks (in my opinion) ah-mazing! I can wear it to work, out with my friends.. maybe even my sisters bridal shower? The options are endless. So happy with it- going to wear it tomorrow!  Definitely a keeper.

And the Sanctuary Selene Mixed Material Knit Shirt for $58.00. I was a bit hesitant when I pulled this out but after putting it on I was in love. The shirt is very soft and comfortable to wear. It went well with both the linen shorts and the jeans I was wearing (which happen to be from my first Stitch Fix box!). The back is a large knit at the bottom, which kind of freaked me out at first but actually wasn't that see-through. This is a great alternative to just wearing a plain t-shirt everyday, much more festive and gives a bit of edge. I love it and am keeping it!

Once again, Stitch Fix has blown me away. I thought they did an excellent job with this box, and I am still ridiculously happy that I have been introduced to their service. They really take your feedback into consideration and adjust your future boxes to what you want. I asked for more dresses this time, and ones that had more definition- they accepted the challenge and came through for me. Although I didn't love the lace dress for myself, it is a still a beautiful dress that many women would adore. Can't wait to see what comes in my next one!!

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  1. Just had to comment and tell you that I wish you had kept the lace dress. It looks so, so gorgeous on you. As I scrolled down, I thought immediately, "That is a keeper!", then saw you didn't keep it. :( I also noticed you kept 4 out of the 5 items. Wouldn't you have gotten a discount if you kept all five?