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08 July 2014

I Live in NYC so obviously I know Fashion

That's a joke. My fashion is comfy, casual and easy.

Who are some people that do know fashion? Stitch Fix. My second box arrived last week and already I can't wait for my third! Haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet? Why let me tell you...

Stitch Fix is this ah-mazing online personal stylist company. After filling an extensive profile about yourself, the clothing you prefer and your fashion style, a stylist picks 5 pieces to send you in your box- these are both accessories and clothes. They charge you a $20 styling fee about a week before, but it becomes a credit towards any piece of clothing or accessory that you decide to buy with your shipment. Anything you don't like you send back (for free!) and everything you do like you pay for. Also if you decide you love your whole box, you receive an additional 25% off! Sounds like the best thing ever, and that's because it is. You can check them out yourself by clicking this link (this is my referral link, and will give me a credit towards my next box- but you then you also get your own referral link and have the option of getting some credit from your own friends. just do it- peer pressure!)

Now I'm not as OMG about this box as I was with my first (check out my review, here!), all the pieces are super cute, but a few didn't look as great on me as I would have hoped.


First up is Pomelo Priya Ikat Knit-Back Tank for $54. I pulled this one out of the box and said cute! But once I put it on, I wasn't as impressed. It's a nice top and it looks okay but it is not really the tank top fit I normally wear and I know that it will just sit in my closet. Plus the price tag is a little steep. This one is going back.

Also shown here are the Kensie Jeans Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean in Green for $88. I've been wishy-washy about colored jeans in the past but these ones I adore. Stitch Fix sent me a pair of Kensie jeans in my last box that I love and I have the exact same feeling about these ones. They are a great color, fit well, are super comfy and although I might not get too much use out of them in the next month or so- come September they will be a staple. Hope no one gets sick of me wearing green jeans! 


 Next up is the Ark N Co Violette Embroidered Detail Dress for $88. I so so so wanted to like this dress but it is just not me. I'm loving the embroidered details on it and the colors, but the shape and fit are not anything I could ever be comfortable wearing out. If it had been more fitted in my waist versus the shift style it is and a different sleeve I would have been all about it. Unfortunately it's a no... whomp whomp. 

My last two items are the Collective Concepts Esten Button-up Sleeveless Blouse for $54 and the Bay to Baubles Ginsberg Tiered Carved Crescent Pendant for $32. I am totally down with the shirt- it was cool, light and seems like a great piece that can be either dressed up or down. I could wear this with shorts and sandals on the weekend, pair it with jeans and heels to go out in or even add a pencil skirt and pumps for the office (not that I really go to an office, but if I did...)I like the cut and the style- it's a keeper!

The necklace is pretty and goes well with the top and I'm sure it would go well with some other pieces in my closet. I'm kind of up in the air about it though- I'm not a huge jewelry person, I'm not sure if I would really wear it that often. At the same time though I have been trying to buy more jewelry and  accessorize more, something about getting older (at least that's what I tell myself). I'm leaning towards getting it but want your opinion- should I send it back or keep it? Vote below... Besides the fact that I didn't love how two of the pieces fit- the colors, style, and prints were still right up my alley. Once again my stylist did a fantastic job of looking at the new things I had added to my pinterest board, my feedback from the first box, and my style profile and came up with a box that really fit who I am. I'm excited to give feedback from this box and see what else they come up with for me!

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  1. I love everything! But yeah, $54 for a tanktop I think I might say no too! I just ordered my first stitch fix box and it's been shipped so I can't wait to get it! I feel like I definitely need help in putting outfits together so in excited!

  2. I got that embroidered dress too and wasn't impressed with it either! I love the jeans & necklace you got!