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29 July 2014

My Life in Numbers

 I've seen this prompt around a few times and want to give thanks to to Lisa for doing it last week and reminding me it was out there and Becca for pushing the idea out there in the first place. Definitely a fun post to write and works for the slowness of blogland at this time... Summer really is break central here. Happy Tuesday!

1 How many times I've actually watched all the Harry Potter movies (all during opening week/night and never again)
2 Siblings
2 How many different countries I lived in
2 Number of Tattoos I have
4 How many states I've lived in
4 How many years I was a full time college student for
5 years that I've lived in my apartment
6 The age difference, in years, between myself and my oldest sibling
6 months spent bloggin
7 How many surgeries I've had
10 Number of different jobs I've had in my life
10 Number of pets I had in my life
18 How many years I lived in Florida for
21 My lucky number
23 How much I spent on dinner last night
24 Days until my birthday!!
26 My age
28 How many books I've read this summer (so far)
107 how many blog posts I've written
125 My dream/goal weight
240 number of calories in my favorite Starbucks drink- Chai Tea Latte
283 Bloglovin followers
407 My area code (it's still Florida's!)
111,645 How many steps I walked/ran in the past 7 days
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  1. Awesome! I added you to the list. :)

    I feel like 5 years in one apartment is a long time. But I'm not sure if that's only because people in Atlanta typically get fed up with their complexes easier.

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out! I'm jealous that you read 28 books this summer! I'm only on my 4th, and I think it's because my blog reading time cuts into my book reading time, but that's not necessarily a bad thing! :)