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05 December 2014

why hasn't it snowed yet?!

Hello Friday! It is so so so nice to see you again. Between doctors appointments and coming off that long weekend, it truly has been a rough one.

I'm happy to say little Phoenix (the cat who had surgery...) has been given a clean bill of health! She is down to just one little eye-drop once a day until the bottle runs out, hopefully that will be soon. And her hair is finally growing back on her legs which means she doesn't look as much like a hooligan anymore.

seriously- look at her, brought her to work so it would be easier to trek to appointment, plops right down on the floor.
I spent a good chunk of last weekend searching online for the perfect rug/bar cart and prints for my walls. After ALMOST buying a cart from West Elm, I stopped myself to hopefully find something cheaper in the future. We will see. I did however finally install some picture shelves on my wall and bought some super cute frames from Homegoods (that place gets me every time!) Along with a much need wine rack. The place is coming together. Only taken me 3 years, but alas it is happening.

Anyways- enough about me. Today I have a fine lady here today who was awesome enough to decide to chill on my side bar for the month. She is pretty sweet- besides the fact that she makes adorable hand-painted wine glasses and jewelry (seriously- check out her shop, the holidays are coming...), she has the cutest little boy and she just celebrated a birthday! So let me introduce you...

If you could travel to any place in the world, right now, where would you go?
Washington, DC. Besides visiting being on my 30 by 30 list, my bestie lives 20 minutes out of the city. I haven't seen her since March, and really miss her face. Plus I really want to go see the museums! 

What are your 3 favorite posts?

Dear Lil Man 
My goal is to write a letter of encouragement to my son on each of his birthdays... he turned four in September and this is the first of many letters. 

Things I've learned about parenting
Being a first time parent is all about learning what works and what doesn't. 

25 beauty tips & tricks
Because makeup sometimes doesn't make sense....

Do you have any hidden talents?

Other than painting wine glasses, which I sell in my Etsy Shop, I have a knack for writing (duh... every blogger says they do...). I would love to write a novel- I actually wrote four chapters of an erotica a couple of years ago- but just don't have the time. I also played the clarinet in middle school & high school, and can pick up miscellaneous things with my toes.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Cute kitty, so glad she's better! I love Tabitha's beauty tips.

  2. me too! It was rough with her for the first few weeks but she is definitely back to normal. I'm so happy to have Tabitha today- her wine glasses are the best!