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12 December 2014

high five for friday

 Friday is a beautiful day! We finally had a little tiny bit of snow stick to the ground this week here in NYC and that was very exciting. There is nothing like the first snow of the year... now I just want a few more inches!

I've been battling a cold all week and trying to start packing for my next work trip. It's happening again. We are heading this time to warm, sunny Costa Rica for the holidays. Anyone interested in doing a guest post? Let me know! 

Besides that, not too much else is going on. I'm having my friends over for brunch on Sunday to swap our Secret Santa gifts and to see some of the new furniture and decorations I've put up. 

And as far as I know they are called Hot Toddys but either way I've discovered drinking hot tea with a bit of whiskey and honey in it and I've fallen in love. Maybe I'm making up my own things. Honestly though on Monday when my throat started hurting I made this concoction before bed, with some chamomile tea, and not only did I feel somewhat better but I slept very well. Winner all around in my book.

you can ignore me now and meet a new friend of mine...

Hi, I'm Llinos, AKA The Lilac Linnet!  I am 27 and I live with my boyfriend and guinea pigs in Cardiff, UK.  My name is Welsh for 'linnet', so paired with my favourite colour, there you have my blog name!  Over on the blog you will find musings on daily life, book reviews, craft ideas and insights into the novel which I'm writing.  I also write about the health problems which I've experienced, such as cancer and depression, to raise awareness of these issues.  When I'm not blogging or working, you can find me reading history books, crocheting a blanket or out for a run.  Nice to meet you!
First off I'm way jealous of this lady because she lives in the UK. Would you like to adopt me? She is a wonderful writer (check out her cute Christmas short story) and has some fantastic book reviews. A woman after my own heart.. and I love this adorable DIY card! Ya'll should stop by this instant and check what shes got going on.

have an awesome weekend!
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