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17 December 2014


thinking.. about how much stuff I still need to pack, packing for 3 people to go on a 2 week trip plus all the end of the year holiday parties, concerts and activities is driving me to a point 

making.. tomato and mozzarella pasta salad, easy and delicious

drinking.. some much need coffee

looking.. at the new season of Downton Abbey- did you know it is already out in England?

playing.. nothing, I have no time to play!

eating.. cereal, Crispix to be exact. healthy lunch, I know!

watching.. no time to watch things! but I did finish the fourth season of Gilmore Girls last night..

wishing.. I didn't have to go on vacation with work but could spend time with my family

planning.. more like helping someone else plan a small baby shower for my sister!

enjoying.. that the weather is a bit warmer today, and the very nice pedicure I had earlier, much need break from this craziness!

wearing.. leggings and a sweater dress. perfection.

eying.. that bar cart, still. I think it's haunting me..

loving.. my friends! I had them over this weekend for brunch and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts, I'm pretty sure my gift was the best- I received the Mensch on the Bench, the Jewish version of Elf on a Shelf!

 counting.. down the days until I have off again, January 2nd, just keep repeating that!
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  1. I love Mensch on a Bench!! Happy Hannukah!

  2. Looking forward to the Downton Christmas special here!

  3. I had way too much moving him around my apartment for Hannukah- I'm sure my roommates thought I was going crazy!

  4. the season just started here on sunday! I haven't started the new episode yet but I've heard good things so far!