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20 November 2014

What's in My Makeup Bag? + a cash giveaway!

Good question- I don't wear makeup on a daily basis but when I do wear it I have some set staples that I'm not sure I could ever replace...

make-up bag

Garnier BB Cream- this stuff is amazing, it works as a moisturizer, foundation, and so much more. It covers me up and evens me out without feeling heavy or gunky.

I usually layer a blush (from The Body Shop) and a bronzer on top.

The Clinique eye-liner is great, goes on smooth and the cap has a built in sharpener- perfect for on the go. 
And we can't forget about the eyebrows! The Anastasia Brow Wiz helps keep me looking sharp and defined.

My sister gave me this Urban Decay palette several years back and I really need to buy a new one- I've used a good chunk of it up and it never lets me down.

In a Birchbox several months ago I received a sample of Benefit's They're Real Mascara and seriously haven't turned back. Hands down the best mascara out there.

And Bite Beauty lip gloss- I discovered this at Sephora about this time last year and am in love with everything they offer. The gloss up above is a great shade of red that pops, doesn't stick and lasts forever.

Chapstick- have about 20 sticks of this laying around, in bags and pockets. Caudalie's lip conditioner is my go to especially at this time of year.

And on to the good stuff...
With the holiday's coming up faster than fast, 
this giveaway is really perfect!
145 extra dollars to buy something totally rad for your hubs, or kids, or yourself! 
Yes. Definitely spend it on yourself. 

What I am trying to say is that you HAVE to get entered to win this money.
Because when is free money a bad idea?
The answer...if it's drug money. Bad idea.
This however is clean.
Extra clean free money for you... for following these beautiful ladies:

KarliTrish | Megan | Karissa | Rebekah

Seems like a win all the way around. 
Get on it. Show them some love.

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  1. I love that mascara and the brow wiz! Nice picks!

  2. My only complain with They're Real is it's kind of really hard to take off... just shows how intense it is! lol

  3. thanks! they are really the best- I've been using the brow wiz for years, and am so happy to have found they're real!

  4. it is a great one! fun colors, naturals and a great all-around go to!

  5. yeah, I definitely have to give a bit more oomph when removing it but all in all it looks great!