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17 November 2014

This Weekend I...

- played with some super adorable kittens

- moved into watching the third season of Gilmore Girls (I restarted the series a few weeks ago)

- met up with some family friends for breakfast at an amazing bagel place and then walked around central park

- bought a couch!! remember back in like February when I started blogging, and I went couch "shopping"? Well I finally made a purchase. Now we just cross our fingers that it actually fits through my apartment door.

If all is well then my next purchase will be a new coffee table, rug, maybe a bar cart? and I would love some new prints for my walls..

- tasted my Club W wine selections, haven't heard of Club W yet? It's a pretty amazing monthly wine service that helps you choose new wines based on your taste preferences. I used an Influenster perk to sign up which gave me a free bottle of wine and free shipping- with it I choose the 2013 Wonderful Wine Co. Rosé, 2013 The Independent Zinfandel, and 2013 Alcalá Monastrell. I tried the Zinfandel, which I really liked, and the Monsatrell, not my favorite but good, with my friends this weekend but still haven't tried the Rose yet. If you are interested in in signing up go ahead and use my referral link to receive $13 in credits!

- organized some of my room. This was kind of serious. I threw out a good deal of old make-up, papers, expired meds, put a bunch of clothes in the goodwill pile and more. Not too shabby.

And that's that, pretty productive, and yet relaxing as well. Now if only it was Saturday again!

p.s can we talk about how cute this monkey was this morning-..
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  1. Such a productive weekend!! Ummmm those kittens are toooo cute!

  2. Awww look how adorable he is with that umbrella! :)

  3. I'm pretty excited- it's like the first non-ikea thing I've ever bought! Just hoping it fits in the apartment door!

  4. Omg the kittens were the best- and super cuddly!

  5. yes! besides the awful, cold, rainy weather he was happy and excited to hold his umbrella and show off his new boots- the little things in life!