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21 November 2014

these are a few of my favorite things...

I'm a little late to this link-up but figured it would be the perfect way to end the week. With the arrival of my new couch tomorrow (cross your fingers it fits through the door!!) I figured I'd give a list of what I would like to purchase (or receive) to help finish up decorating my living room.

 so if you need any ideas for what to get me for the holidays... here they are!

1) A new coffee table:
found here at Wayfair
      I really want a two-level coffee table to help keep some of that mail and magazine junk off the top- this is one I've found so far that I've liked, I also really need to measure my space..

2) Floor Rug: Ugh- I'm so torn about a rug. My wall is painted purple, the new couch is light gray. I was thinking of a yellow or blue rug. But this might be the hardest decision of them all- here are a few I've seen and liked..

3) Bar Cart: All the rage these days- I'd love one with a wine-rack built in!

4) Fun Wall Prints: a toughy because i really don't know what I want but I know I want something- details, details. I'm a big fan of putting up some quotes- maybe some favorites from books. obviously that means some harry potter. I like the idea of a gallery (below) with a mix of book quotes and fun ones.

 5) Shelving for Pictures: with a look like this..

Happy Friday!

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  1. oh I love those wall prints! also, that bar cart is totally the inspiration for the one I'm making! the lady at the junk store called me out on trying to be a pinterest crafter....

  2. Can you come decorate my house? I love all your ideas!

  3. i love pretty bar carts too - love the one you picked here.

  4. I think rugs are a great way to spice up a room. As my bf and I live in a rented apartment it's nice to brighten the house with a little rug :) Plus it keeps my feet warm on the wooden floors!

    Must say, I love the blog name!

    ~ K

  5. ooh I want to see your finished product! I finally found the said cart above, and of course its like $600- a little out of my price range.

  6. haha! I'm not sure how great anything will turn out but sure!

  7. I might have to invest in making my own... finally found that cart online and its like $600! No thank you!

  8. I agree! I can't decide if I should focus on decorating my walls first or finding a rug- too many hard decisions!