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08 January 2015

Stitchy Fixy: Box #8!

Stitch Fix- Box # 8.

You might realize it's been quite awhile since I've posted one of these... and that's mostly because my last two boxes I was pretty disappointed in. Things didn't fit, they sent items that looked identical to previous box items.. yada yada. Needless to say I was starting to get a bit fed up but decided, hey lets give them one more try. And thank goodness I did because this box really help perk me up and fall in love with this company, again. I still only kept 2 pieces but each piece fit well, was my style, and I was comfortable enough to show you all. Winner in my book!

I'm not sure where you've been but if for some mysterious reason you haven't heard of Stitch Fix yet you totally need to get on the bandwagon. It is this fantastic personal stylist service that sends FIVE handpicked items to your door pretty much as often as you want them. From what I've seen, once a month is average. Now you might say that sounds cool but why do I really need to sign up? Because after filling out a very extensive survey with your color, size, fabric and clothing preferences, a really awesome stylist picks out (a will say it again ) FIVE pieces to send you- accessories and clothing. Some fun facts:
  • They charge a $20 stylist fee that can be used towards whatever you purchase
  • You only pay for what you want! Send the rejects back for free.
  • If you do decide to purchase all five items you receive an additional 25% off!! woah, nelly
  • They really really love your input, your notes and reactions to the picks.
On to the good stuff...

Mak B Xavier V-Neck Knit Cardigan, size M, $48.00
I loved the color of this cardigan, and although it fit very well, was super comfy, and looks pretty nice, I returned it. The price was a bit too high for me to justify buying another cardigan. But... Stitch Fix captured my style well and sent me something that I did have to really think about before sending back. In my book that is a job well done.

Market and Spruce Corinna Striped Dolman Top, size M, $48.00
This shirt I really liked, I wish I had had a pair of leggings with me to wear it with because that is what it is going to be perfect for. I love how its long enough to cover my bum, is crazy soft, a really nice color and warm. Needless to say I kept it.

41Hawthorn Jace Abstract Chevron Print Dress, size M, $68.00
I don't think words can express how much I am in love with this dress. And it came at the most perfect time because I'm going to wear it to my sister's baby shower on Sunday. It is as if Stitch Fix read my mind. I didn't even tell them I needed a dress for this event and yet there it appeared at my door. I love the print, the color, the style and fit. I can wear it all year long- I can dress it up for a cocktail party, or throw on a pair of sandals for brunch this summer, I could wear it to the office (if I went to an office). See that smile up there, that is the smile of someone in love with what they are wearing.

Kut From the Cloth Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant, size 8, $48.00 and Papermoon Delphina Striped Knit Top, size M, $38.00
I asked for a pair of colored jeans/pants in this box and was sent this pair of corduroys. I liked them, but I didn't love them. Each winter I take a chance on cords and have yet to find a pair that I have really really liked. I also wasn't crazy about the color, I don't wear a lot of blacks/grays so I knew they wasn't going to be a ton of pieces in my closet that would match. They were comfy though and fit well, besides the length, I'm hoping to see something a little different in my next box. The shirt was okay- I thought it was very similar to the above Market and Spruce top which was really the only thing that annoyed me about this box. Putting it on it felt fine, fit well and was comfortable to wear but I didn't love the colors and I knew I was already keeping the green top and didn't want two of the same thing. I returned both of them.

Overall I was much much happier with this box compared to the previous two. All five items were my style and what I had asked for, comfortable and casual sweaters and a pair of colored pants. Everything fit well, looked nice. If you are interested in trying out your own month of Stitch Fix, go ahead and hit my referral link. So far it has been a great experience and who doesn't love getting a surprise box of clothes each month?!

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  1. I have the same green striped top!! It is my all time favorite item that I've gotten from Stitch Fix. I seriously wear it wayyyyyyy too often haha

  2. I had sort of given up on Stitch Fix for a while too, but man. The last box I got was so on point! I also have that long stripped shirt (mine is in grey and I LOVE IT!) I wear that thing's so comfy. What I really love about Stitch Fix that other boxes don't have (cough...Le Tote...cough) are the bigger sizes. I'm in between a size 12 and 14, but Stitch Fix has those sizes for dresses, and I love that. I also found that if you leave a note/ask for something specific or tell them of an event you are going to they listen. Oh, and my last stylist went through my Pinterest boards to figure out my style. Like, what? They do that? I love it. I'm getting my next box this month from them.

  3. That dress is AWEOME and may have tipped the scales into getting me to try Stitch Fix. I've been thinking about it for awhile just hadn't pulled the trigger.

  4. Nice! I wore it for the first time yesterday and almost didn't take it off last night... it was sooo comfy and warm! Even with our record low temps I was as cozy as could be..

  5. I think they were kind of struggling with "winter" gear there for a bit but this box brought me right back into the love! I think the fact that they check out your pinterest boards is the best thing about them, after every box I always go an add a few new things that I want or have mentioned in my notes so they really get the visual idea of it. Hopefully next months will be just as great!

  6. You should totally try them out! Even at the end of the day if you decide you absolutely don't want anything from your box the cost is only $20, which I think is worth it and honestly there has always been at least one piece that I have loved per box. Try you it out- you might find something awesome!