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09 January 2015

cheer for the weekend!

You guys, we did it! We made it through our first week back at work since the break, not that I really had a break but you know what I  mean. Friday is here, hallelujah.

First up for this fine fine far in my year goals I've excelled at eating healthier. and I went to the gym once! I know one isn't a lot, but it is one more time than I've gone in the previous 6 months so in my case it is a win. There were plans to go more times but unfortunately work/life got in the way. Next week my goal is to go again, at least once aiming for twice. We can do this!

Second- this weekend is my sister's baby sprinkle! Nephew #2 is close to arriving so instead of a full-blown shower we are having a sprinkle. Excited to share some more details of the party planning and pictures next week!(which I can't really take much credit for except for helping pay for it- all the planning is on my crafty sister)

Third-right now it is SNOWING! a legit snow, not a little dusting of fluff but snow. I love snow, I love how it looks, I love how it feels, I love how quiet it can be.

Fourth... I have a week off in February and I'm so torn about what to do with it. Do I sit around all week enjoying the not working, do I visit family in Florida, do I try and take a vacation somewhere else?? Too many choices!!

I mean I could totally go for one of these again...

and fifth... can I just give a holla out to eBates again? Seriously this site is rocking my world. I do a bulk of my shopping online and just about every store I shop out is on there, so my normal every month purchases are now getting me money back. As of now I'm expecting a 60+ return for February. Living the dream!

Happy Friday!

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