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27 April 2015

Hi, hello, how y'all doing?

Yeah it's cool, you can give me a pat on the back for really keeping up with this place... or not.

Some changes have been going on around these parts and honestly it was just a little easier and less stressful to even think about this space. Hopefully that will all change because (drumroll)...

I got a new job! Woo-hoo! Go me! Party time- throw your hands in the air!

In reality though it was a very emotional last two weeks as I basically said good-bye to two kids that felt like my own (if I had kids). I was and am very attached to J&J and I had countless meltdowns, crying sessions and second thoughts about making the change. Overall though, I think, for myself, I made the right decision and I am hoping and praying every single day their parents still allow me to be a part of their lives.

Happier notes, new job! yay! Still same thing I was doing before, just a new family now. And along with that is much better hours. Working until the same time at night but now don't start until noon. Or some days I'm working normal hours like 10-6, and sometimes I will have later day from 3-11. Either way it means I'm sleeping in, have the ability to run my own errands in the morning or watch the news, whatever. Even feel a bit better about going out at night with my friends or a date...

Summers will be in and out of the city but usually I will have off from Thursday evening to Monday morning. Boo-yah!

Basically, I'm pretty excited. Even if they end up being a little cra (which all families are in their own way), time-wise I think I will be a bit more relaxed and fun.

What this means for my hike... right now, I don't really know. I'm still planning on going, but my timetable might change. If I really, really, really, end up liking this position I am probably going to try and speak to them about maybe taking two summers off and hiking half of the trail one year and the other half the next year. Job wise summer is probably easiest to take off, and for their benefit they could probably pay someone less to work just the summer. If by Jan/Feb I think I'm getting over them, then I will probably just leave and do the trail as planned, just leaving a bit on the later side around beginning/mid-April vs. end of February/March.

I'm still planning on collecting gear this year and getting some practice hikes and trips in- am hoping to look at boots in the next few weeks along with sleeping bags!

Am going to try and put up some San Diego highlights this week and get back into the groove of this space.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Congratualtions on the new position!!

  2. Congrats on the new job! I hope you get to stay connected with the kids from the previous family.

  3. Congrats on your new job! That's exciting! Glad to see you back to blogging!

  4. Thanks! I hope so too- if anything I still talk to a lot of their teachers and can hopefully say hello that way!

  5. Thank you! I'm glad to be back to blogging myself- it helps let off some of the steam of life and it's never until I take a break, however short or long, that I realized I've missed it so much.

  6. Thank you! I agree. Happy to be back though!

  7. Congrats on the new job! I think it'll be an excellent new adventure for you!