09 December 2014

Life Lessons from Rebekah

I can only laugh as I write this post because as serious as it is (oh, it's super serious) it is also really just a laugh.

 A little back story on how they appeared- Friday night I went to a holiday party a friend and his roommates were hosting at their apartment. I was, by far, one of the oldest - if not the oldest, person at the party. And not that I'm old, 27, but when you are in a room with 22,23,24 year olds- you kind of feel old. I had a great time, no doubt, the room was packed with very enthusiastic people, great music. Heineken had even sponsored the party, due to a well timed tweet of a party-goer. But as a I sat on the couch at 1:30 am, with a few delicious drinks under my belt, I turned to my friend and decided I would give her some well-meaning life lessons, things I've learned in my old age.

- Don't pre-game before going to a club with a table and/or open bar. You will get horribly drunk, vomit and still be hung-over to the max the next day.

- Don't take a gypsy cab from the meat-packing district. They will try to rip you off and/or kidnap you.

- Say no to drugs on the street (and in general). It's not cool. Give hugs instead.
- Always listen to what T-Swift has to say, as well as her music. That lady gets us.

-If at anytime someone suggests going to Chipotle or buying you Chipotle, the answer is always YES

- When someone is too tall for you to see, kick them until the keel over and stop blocking your view (something I have never done but at 1:30 am sounded like prime advice)

And there you have it- life lessons from an intoxicated Rebekah. Some of which are really not too shabby... maybe there is something to learn from the whole write when you're drunk and edit sober thing..

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  1. ALWAYS listen to princess Taylor. that is outstanding advice. maybe not hugging the drug dealers though...

  2. Haha, love this! And agreed- you NEVER say no to Chipotle.

  3. Hahaha. Yes. Always listen to TSwift. & your stomach when it tells you to get Chipotle!

  4. Chipotle is the best- and i'm still going crazy over 1989, the love is neverending!

  5. I think it is physically impossible to say no to Chipotle, it just can't be done!

  6. well... I'm not sure I would hug the drug dealers either, but for sure my friends and family!

  7. thanks! the things you come up with at 2 am!