04 December 2014

Gift-Giving Guide for Him

gift-guide for him

I will confess, besides my father and brother-in-laws, it's been quite awhile since I actually bought a gift for guy- but when I think about my friends and family, these all seem like things they would all appreciate and enjoy. Which is why I bring them here, to my gift guide. Honestly I would be pretty okay with some of these gifts for myself as well.. like how fun would it be to make beer?

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  1. Cute cute cute!! I need some ideas for the hubs, love the Star wars thingie haha

  2. Ooo I love these ideas!! the beer making kit would be so fun!!

  3. are those cuff links not the cutest? fun, great for the fan and would still look nice with a suit!

  4. yes! I need a book like that for my coffee table..

  5. I agree! and the company has a bunch of different flavor kits to add on and make for the next batch. they even had a hard cider one this year.