13 December 2014


can we just talk about, for a second, how awesome it is to get money back from purchases you make? fantastic, right? like the best thing ever? I'm going to shamelessly throw this site at you because a) you will be earning me some money (just being honest) and b) you can get back money for yourself (for reals!)

eBates. They best invention ever. I first heard about it from the lovely Lisa over at Two Martinis in this post and so I signed up. Figured why not? Nothing to lose. And yes I have lost absolutely nothing, no losing but gaining money back for purchases I had already planned on making. Plus a giftcard to Target, for free. yep, for free. I need some new Toms so I went to ebates, searched for their shop, got $5 of a $25 purchase or more plus 10% cash back. They saved me money and then gave more back to me. win win in  my book.

You only get your cash out 4 times a year, via check or paypal, but even if I never buy anything through them again, I'm get money back in a few months. I like it, like it alot.

So go make back some money from that Gap, Target or Sephora purchase.  Do it now!

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  1. I love Ebates! I've been using them for years and always get excited for my check in the mail. I currently have $40.88 pending!

  2. nice! it is my new favorite place, I can't believe I hadn't heard of them before- I do so much online shopping and I'm excited to get some money back for it now. Plus they have some great discount codes and coupons.