10 December 2014

Color Swap Reveal

I'm super excited to reveal all the gifts I received from the totally fun color swap I participated in this month. I actually found out about the swap on facebook and jumped right on it- I love doing any kind of Secret Santa/give a gift, get a gift/surprise thing.

My partner was Hannah from Love Hannah B, we started chatting right away and getting to know each other so we knew what kinds of things to send. It was wonderful meeting another blogger, finding out their likes and dislikes and in general meeting a new person.

Above is what I received from Hannah, lots of goodies- many of which are in the color blue, my favorite color! Surprise, I know. And that is what was the most fun about this swap- it was about your favorite color and sending gifts in your partners favorite color.

Hannah sent me some fun lipgloss, a lot of great notepads plus a planner (always a win with a blogger). The city picture is a pack of tissues (so needed at this time of year). Actually Little J tried to take them from me and tell me they were his.. sorry to burst your bubble munchkin! The mini-clothspins are super super cute and I can't wait to display all the signs. And the bracelets hanging over the joy sign are festive, with a young vibe and soft feel. Winner in my book!

Overall a really great time, a nice way to meet a new blogger and friend and way to get some awesome surprises!

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  1. Blue is one of my favorite colors as well. ... so glad you and your partner got along great, thanks for joining in on the swap!!

  2. This is such a cool idea! I love it

  3. it was super fun! I loved receiving surprise package and finding gifts for my partner in her favorite color. Like a treasure hunt!

  4. Thanks! It was super fun, glad I was able to join in!