29 October 2014

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I know you are expecting something spectacular here- something you can laugh at for days, but in reality I don't have a "Most Embarrassing Moment". I mean I've definitely had moments that were embarrassing- but nothing that truly sticks out in my mind.

I lied- there is one moment of my life that was pretty embarrassing. When I was a junior in college I studied abroad in London. Towards the end of the semester we had a party for our group- it was rather small, I believe someone from our university may have been in town and the students and families we were living with were all invited to the soiree. As usual we were taking full advantage of the alcohol provided. The night winded down and some friends and I headed home towards the tube. Now, in London, unlike NYC, the underground closes at midnight. Sometimes the last train is even earlier. We made our way to Kings Cross (yes the harry potter one!!) and noticed a train was coming right that second, one of the last ones of the night- we ran as fast as we could to jump on and as I got onto the train I completely tripped, in my drinking state I had failed to actually life my legs to get into the train but just ran into the train- shins right into the siding, fall flat on my face. In that moment I laughed, but as soon as the doors closed I asked the friend with me if she wouldn't mind getting off at the next stop and waiting for the next train. We did, I laughed, had some bruises the next day and all was well.

In the scheme of things it wasn't a big deal, and I'm sure much worse has actually happened to me. On the whole though, nothing crazy or awful. I've never been stood up on a date, never tripped in front of a crush, no accidentally skirts tucked into underwear or toilet paper stuck to my foot. 

And there you have it- my most embarrassing moment (at this point in my life).

Helene in Between Blogtober

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  1. I don't think I can think of one in particular either - but recently I totally tanked it in Bryant Park in a dress and a man walked right over me

  2. Aww that must have hurt! Were there a lot of people on the train that saw??

  3. yikes!! walked right over you? people are ridiculous, I would have least asked if you were okay.

  4. oh of course, that train was super packed because it was one of the last ones for the night. It really wasn't too bad but I was definitely embarrassed!