05 October 2014

My Fall Bucket List (update)

Well.. I already posted my Fall Bucket List a few weeks ago but it is also the Day 5 prompt for Blogtober14. So for now I will just give an update on my previous list..

 My Fall Bucket List for 2014:
1) Try a PSL again- okay so I haven't actually retried the PSL yet.. but I did try a chai latte with pumpkin spice syrup and it was AMAZING! It is now a fall favorite..

2) Go Apple Picking!- again, hasn't actually happened yet- but it is in the works! My friends for down for it, we have picked a weekend to go and are just narrowing down the millions of orchards. Woo-hoo!

3) Make a pumpkin pie from scratch.- haven't even attempted to get this far yet- although it may be my contribution for Thanksgiving dinner! 

4) Have a wine tasting party. - friends are also down for this one, but we are thinking a weekend in November will be best. Will update when we do it!

5) Watch Hocus Pocus- WINNER! This one I have actually completed- thanks to the Lifetime network! so perfect, in every way..

6) Find two pairs of great Fall boots. -Checkity check- what what? and it's only been like a week.I found a black pair earlier this week from Geox.

so progress has been made... perhaps I will actually complete my list this year!

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  1. Mmmmm Pumpkin Pie sounds amazing right now!

  2. cute boots! I love Hocus Pocus. best halloween movie ever!

  3. I need to look for the boots too ...I guess that means shopping evening next week! ;)

  4. oh yes it does- hurry up Thanksgiving! (but not too fast!)

  5. thanks, I'm happy with my finds this year- and surprised I even did find some! I can't remember the last time I bought new boots. And love hocus pocus- will most likely watch it at least once more before october is up!

  6. haha perfect! who doesn't love going shoe shopping?!

  7. I almost commented on it in my post but kind of wanted to see if anyone would notice. nice job! I'm surprised my other cat didn't try and make an appearance too. usually she is everywhere.

  8. I can not wait for Thanksgiving! <3 I am ready to pig out!

  9. Love those booties! And hocus pocus is high on my list of things to do for fall every year :)

  10. Thanks! I'm so happy to have found some this year- it usually is a struggle for me. And enjoy Hocus Pocus!