15 October 2014

My Favorite Quote

I'm not sure that this will come as a surprise but my many of my favorite quotes have to do with reading and the adventures they include. I don't not have one in particular, and could give you favorite lines from multiple stories and books. These two hit home though.

Reading is a never ending adventure full of heartbreak, joy, sorrow, and love. I've  been flying on dragons, stuck on an island, lost in space, without food or water, falling in love and lost many friends. All within one story, or across 10. Go read another life - it may inspire you to do even more with your own.

And I'm a crazy advocate for this one- I re-read books all the time. I find it a bit odd when people don't! Sometimes I re-read the same book 2-3 times in a row. There can be so much information lost the first time, and even the second and third times! I couldn't even try to tell you how many times I've re-read Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, and every time they are different. I'm different- I may be in another emotional state, mood, place in  my life. This gives each book a different quality too. Try reading the same book when you are sad, happy, devastated, brimming with laughter. It could have a new meaning, shape, picture in your head.

Now onward- go consume a new book! (then read it again!)

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  1. Love love love these! I am a major book worm. Reading is my escape :)

  2. Ahh...these quotes are amazing. And I totally agree, reading sends you to all sorts of different places. You get to live a million different lives with the books you read instead of just one. Now, if only I can get my husband to realize this!

  3. I wish I could do it all day.. one of the best things about vacation is extra reading time! Glad you enjoyed the quotes!

  4. It's all about finding the perfect book- once he finds one he won't ever put them down! My middle sister didn't start seriously reading until she was in high-school, we used to throw so many different series and authors at her. One day she picked up the book Wizards First Rule and she was hooked. Can't get her stop now!

  5. That was a really great post,that made me smile Rebekah. I think "Go read another life - it may inspire you to do even more with your own." is a way to live. I'm so busy in my daily life, that i only get to read (on my mobile kindle) on the go, when i'm going to school or work, which sometimes takes time in a train. That's when i switch off the world around me and dive into a new one.

    I only re-read a few book in my life, but those are really special to me. A connection like that probably lasts over the whole life.

    You picked two great quotes. So inspiring & true. :)


    Luchessa @ http://luchessa.org/

  6. I love these quotes! I've always believed books help readers experience things they may not get to experience in real life and helps them understand things they may not already.

    Katie Petty

  7. I love rereading books. Books I can always reread: Gone With the Wind, Hunger Games Trilogy, Harry Potter, and Bossypants. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love that first quote!! That is so true!!

  9. I second Hunger Games and Harry Potter! I've also reread GoT, the Outlander series and Discovery of Witches a few times. All very good!

  10. Yes! I only hope that everyone finds their perfect book someday so that they too can experience how great reading truly is.