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06 March 2015

Knock, Knock.. who's there?

It's me, Rebekah- long time no chat!

Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned for my life except to empty out my DVR and I swear I will write some posts for next week.

1) I finally bought a new bigger hard drive for my computer, which should hopefully arrive Mon/Tues. once I figure out how to not erase my life and install it- then I can finally purchase The Sims 4. a worthy goal people, you must have goals in life. (plus then my comp can stop yelling at me about not having enough storage- I get it computer, I get it!)

2) tried the cookie crazy shenanigans from Ben & Jerry's and it did not let me down. the container may now be empty but I'm pretty sure I don't regret anything.

3) Summer is quickly approaching and I have so many things to be excited for that I just can't stand it. T-Swift, OITNB, weddings, a really awesome country-music festival. Please lets just fast forward to JUNE! (plus by then Pitch Perfect 2 will be out...)

4) Daylight savings is Sunday. ew. It keeps coming earlier and earlier. Don't be late for anything though, make sure to change those clocks.

5) now I'm just going to leave you with these adorable pictures, you're welcome

Happy Friday! 

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