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30 March 2015

food glorious food

This weekend I really just shopped and ate. A lot.

I nicely started my Saturday with a much needed massage, then ran and met some friends for brunch at this cute place called Kitchenette. They do a lot of homestyle cooking and had these delicious bloody marys with enough horseradish to clear my sinuses.

After brunch I went to Bloomingdales with a friend. She works for the company so gave me the friends/family invite sale code which turned out wasn't super necessary because the sale was open to everyone and their mother. Nevertheless I picked up some goodies for myself at some really great prices. This include a new Marc Jacobs purse, some very fluffy towels and a cute new spring duvet. I ended up going online after and picking up some matching sheets too- what can I say I like my bed to look nice when I sleep!

Saturday night I went to one of my favorite local restaurants called Vineteria, they have this delicious gnocchi dish that I get every time I go and it never lets me down. They also have some really great cocktails include the pear cilantro margarita.  The after ness was meeting up with my friend again to have a going away party for a friend of hers moving back to Australia. The theme was 'Merica, which meant a lot of tacky red,white and blue.

Sunday we ventured down to Chinatown to a casino-sized dim sum place. It was crazy. You had to ride giant escalator to get to the place and were then overwhelmed by a ton of people and lots of trays of food. Even so, it was all very delicious and cheap.

After walking around for a bit I finally made my way into the REI in Soho. I tried on some backpacks and narrowed my choices down to two- and I looked at tents and figured out which one I'm going to get. I got help learning how to set it up, was able to get in and try it out and then learn how to fold it back up. All of which was very easy and made me feel a lot better.

My Sunday evening consisted of a lot of tv watching, fake packing and my new favorite thing in life, Sims 4. (although I'm very sad toddlers no longer exist!)

What were you up to this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend. It always is when it's full of friends, delicious food, and good drinks. I love your purchases! They're both so spring oriented!

  2. yes! my thoughts exactly- the bedspread has already spruced up my room, now it just needs to get warmer so I can drop the flannel sheets!! (written as it snows outside. sigh.)