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27 March 2015

don't stop, get it get it + new link-up!

well hello Friday- it is quite nice to see you again...

been a whirlwind of a week here in "can't make up my mind on the weather" nyc. fun stuff, really.

1) I successfully backed up my computer, switched out my old hard-drive to a new, reinstalled my computers operating system and reinstated my back up. Feeling like a baller right now. And ridiculous impressed with out easy it kind of was, not to mention crazy cheap compared to buying a whole new computer. Plus I can now play Sims 4 which might have been the whole point. I clearly have awesome priorities in my life. (I may have actually spent a large chunk of last weekend playing this game- not sure how I feel about the new changes yet)

2) Might be on a handy streak because I also finally broke down and purchased new light-bulbs for my kitchen and replaced them. this probably sounds very weird, but they were funky light bulbs and everyone in my apartment tends to be a bit lazy. I do have to mention how much stereotypes played a roll into this though bc I got mad eyed at the hardware store when purchasing the new bulbs, asked about 20 times if I needed help, and then once I finished the job (which was so easy I could have done it with my eyes closed- come on it's changing a light bulb people) my male roommate was all "wow, I can't believe you were able to do that" as if my gender made it impossible to change  a light bulb. wtf. apparently his gf/my roommate "would have had no idea what to do"- lies. Need I remind the world that women are capable of anything. I built/hung basically everything in my apartment and it's all still standing just fine. thanks and goodbye.

3) my reading streak has continued. I have now successfully read 30 novels since January 1st and going strong. In the last few weeks I've finished Unbroken, All the Light That We Cannot See, and The Rosie Project. All very different and very good. (currently reading Jodi Picoult's Leaving Time)

4) Next week I'm off to San Diego with work (bleh) but very much looking forward to the sunny weather- plus I just bought a bunch of fun shorts from LOFT and am happy to finally get the chance to wear them..
 and they are all 40% off right now- so go check them out!
tribal jacquard riviera shorts
mosaic riviera shorts
cotton twill shorts

5)   and since I know we have all been missing out with Whitney's Back that Azz Up friday music loving link-up, I figured hey- why not start my own. So introducing this week the "Oh hot damn, this my Jam" Friday link-up! (button needs a bit of work still- bear with me!)

grab button for Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles
<div class="blue-giraffes-and-concrete-jungles-button" style="width: 250px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles" width="250" height="250" /> </a> </div>

1) post a favorite song or music video
2) add my button to your post
3) link-up below!
4) visit someone else on the link-up, we need to spread the love!!

need help finding a song and embedding it? my favorite tool- grooveshark. Sign up for a free account, search for the song you want, click on more options for that song and embed code. copy that code and past it into the html section of your post, center it ,caption it ,do whatever you want. and sing along! 

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