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26 March 2015

how to spot a celebrity in NYC

celebrity hunting might be one of my favorite things to do in this city- and in my opinion its pretty easy to do, mostly because, and I imagine LA it is the same, they are everywhere. you just need to look...

first up the key to winning this game is paying attention and keeping your eyes open. seriously, it's that easy. I mean I can't guarantee you will see someone, but by paying attention to the people on the streets and subways you are much more likely to see people. honestly I've spotted most people this way, but maybe I'm a weird people watcher. Just a few weeks ago I saw Paul Giamatti walking to the subway. We made eye contact, in my head I was all huh that guy is a celebrity and as soon as he disappeared I IMDBed the poop out of him.

IMBD- a movie lovers best friend. This website/app, however you want to use it, will allow you to search for any film, tv show, actor,director, etc. Super handy for when you can't actually remember Paul Giamatti's name but you do remember he was in Sideways.

second pay attention to the street poles. A lot of times when you are walking around you will see bright pink/yellow/green sheets taped to them. These announce when things are filming, what the production name is, and how long they will be around for. They typically put these signs up 1-2 days before filming takes place. Look at these signs, IMDB the project and find out who is in them- if you can come back during said filming time you will know who to be on the look out for. During filming they also have a bunch of big trailers for the actors, craft services set-up and very handy, signs pointing to the SET.

this is from this morning- you can see a trailer across the street..

Just last summer I went to the library and noticed trailers, found a pink sign, looked up the project (Sleeping with Other People). Turns out some pretty cool people are in it, Jason Sudeikis, Natasha Lyonne, Adam Scott, Amanda Peet. Cool people to see. I had a few extra minutes so I walked towards the set signs. Sure enough 5 minutes later Jason Sudeikis (who is super tall and skinny) walked by followed by Amanda Peet with makeup to make her look like an old lady. Great story, I know.

They film everywhere though, just this morning in my neighborhood Law & Order: SVU started a scene. Blacklist likes to hang-out a lot, The Mysteries of Laura is around my work frequently. Back in the day when I worked on the Upper East Side I saw a lot of Gossip Girls.

Mostly though I just see people on the street- everywhere. Its just about keeping your eyes open and being able to recognize the faces.

I've never chased them down, asked for a photo or an autograph. I usually just stare for a few minutes or on rare occasion make eye contact then give myself a pat on the back for knowing who they were. there are a few people I might attack though if the occasion arrived- Justin Timberlake. that's probably it.

If you are interested in finding out the current productions being filmed in NYC you can head to the Made in NY Mayor's Office here.

That's my spiel. Go enjoy the rest of your day.
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  1. Interesting post. I'd never think to look at the filming now/here post. I once saw Paul Walker in a gift shop in Vegas. He had on a baseball hat. I was thinking "How do I know this guy? Did I go to school with him? He's too hot not to remember." Then, it came to me. I must've had an expression on my face like "Oh yeah, I know you" because he smiled, nodded, and lifted his hat ever so slightly. How cute is that? RIP PW.

  2. I think you just need to be aware! Most celebs try to downplay their appearance so they don't often look like you're expecting. I can't count how many times I've walked past them and it's been kind of a trigger like "they look familiar" only to realize AFTER the fact who they actually were.