26 January 2015

sometimes you have to be a little bit... naughty

so Matilda the Musical- basically the best thing I've seen on stage. And I had awful seats. I can't even imagine what it would be been from the orchestra, or mezzanine. The books and lyrics are incredible. The set was so well thought out, creative, impeccable- I kind of want to bow down to the creativity. I now want to see it in London, and with each of the other three little girls who also play Matilda in New York.

 Also did I mention that Christopher Sieber played Ms. Trunchbull? I love Christopher Sieber! Those who may not be familiar with him, he is a big time Broadway buff. I actually saw him in Thoroughly Modern Millie a few years ago with Sutton Foster. And he was in the revival of Into the Woods in
2002, but most importantly he played Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's father in Two of a Kind. Weirdly enough I had been thinking about him earlier this week, had no idea he was even in this show and then bam! he was there on stage being perfection.

I could ooh and ahh over it but in reality my advice is if you get a chance to see it- go. You won't be sorry.

Kinky Boots was also excellent in a completely different way. The be all end all of that show is Billy Porter a Broadway g-d. seriously. That whole show is Lola and her angels. Can I just say how hard it is to watch men in drag dance, sing, with six-packs, more perfectly than you could ever hope to be? They are marvelous, my jealously is beyond.

Beside the two fantastic shows, Sunday was followed by a day of complete laziness. I've pushed my DVR to 25% full and made it half-way through season 6 of Gilmore Girls. The end is near and I'm so upset- I never want the show to end.. again. I forgot how spectacularly perfect it was. When is Amy Palladino coming out with something new? I need some more of her sass in my life. Bunheads needs to come back, I'd also like some more of The Lying Game (not her show but also great).

And now as Blizzard 2015 arrives I bid you all adieu.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I sure did...
Bella And The City

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  1. Stay warm and cozy! The musical I want to see is Newsies. I LOVED that movie when it came out in the 90s and I know that musical would be just as great. It's actually in town now, but we didn't get tickets. I also LOVED seeing Wicked on Broadway. Something is just so magical about seeing a musical on Broadway, in NYC. Pretty much perfection.

  2. So glad to hear that you liked it! I love going to see musicals. There are only a couple that I don't care for...like Cats. I don't know why, I just can't get into that one...and I love actual cats! lol

  3. I didn't realize Matilda was a musical, but now after your rave review I'll have to see if it's touring/coming anywhere near me or put it on my must list for when I hit up New York!

  4. Lizzy Minnesota NightJanuary 27, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    I had no idea that Matilda was on stage -- amazing! Hopefully the show will someday make its way to Minnesota! How is the snow out there? We don't have much here yet, and I kind of miss it! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  5. Oh my goodness I had no idea that Christopher Sieber was on broadway!! I LOVED him on the show Two of a Kind..that was my favorite show growing up. So fun!!

  6. I still have not seen Wicked, and I totally need to! I just need to be a little less lazy and try and get the lottery tickets or something. I didn't get to see Newsies but really wanted to, my own fault. Heard it was amazing though. Next on my list is Book of Mormon! And I agree with the specialness of Broadway- I've seen a lot of different shows all over but something about being in NY gives them that extra umph.

  7. I had no idea he was in the show until I looked at my playbill! He is fantastic though, he was in the revival of Into the Woods in 2002, and I saw him in Thoroughly Modern Millie sometime in 03/04? (have no idea when) love him though. and he is hilarious as ms. trunchbull! I mean anyone who can pull off her costume and do a ribbon dance is a winner in my book..

  8. It is meant to be touring this year, so definitely keep a lookout for it, and if not it's a must for whenever you visit nyc! I seriously can't get the music out of my head- so good!

  9. I hope so! It is meant to be touring this year so you should keep a lookout! The snow here last week, not so bad- the snow this week, a little worse. and possible more snow to come... the wonders of winter!

  10. Same- I really need to force myself to go see more, it is so easy to try and get lottery tickets here or discounted ones at TKTS. I'm definitely more into the newer shows but there are some classics I will never let go of, like Cinderella. Not a big fan of Cats either, had to watch it too many times as a kid!