12 January 2015

I mustache you a question..

Weekends always go by way to fast, and while this was true of this weekend at least it was an exciting one! 

I started Saturday by meeting a friend for brunch at a new local place we had on our list for a while. It used to be this super cute place called Native, but that shutdown for "renovations" and reopened as La Bodega 47. I thought they did a nice job with the new place, the food was tasty, the layout was well thought out. I plan to brunch there again soon.

After brunch I went to Target to pick up some much needed toilet paper for my apartment, apparently I am the only on capable of doing this. It is what it is, I found some books for yesterday's baby shower and a cute hat for my nephew and only walked out with one thing not on my list. win!

In the afternoon I left for Hoboken to spend some much needed family time. My sister hosted a mini belated Hanukkah party. I enjoyed some tasty latkes, a nephew who has grown way too much, and some sister time. And bonus..... I booked a trip to Prague! I have a week off in February and it occurred to me last Friday that I didn't just have to sit on my butt or go to Florida that week, but that I could go visit a new city. So I am. I will be there for about 4 days and am ready to explore someplace different.  Friday was a great day as well- I bought tickets to go see Kinky Boots, Matilda and Book of Mormon on Broadway! The next few months should be pretty great.

Sunday was my sister's baby shower for nephew number two! He is about a month away from arriving and I cannot wait to meet him. For this shower we went with the mustache theme. My sister R is a master party planner- and knows how to cover every detail. We had mustache balloons, straws, water bottles and games (did you know there are at least 12 different types of mustaches and names for all of them?!) She bought mustache cookies, chocolates, and cupcakes. Everything was in hues of blues and greens. Our special treat was a Polaroid camera for all the guests to use to take photos and hang on a canvas to be hung in the baby's room.

Overall the party was a hit, everyone had a wonderful time, the food was delicious, we laughed with the games, and my sister received some new goodies for munchkin number two. A fun weekend for sure!



all filled up!
cutie nephew in an adorable outfit..

Hope you all had a great weekend!
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  1. What a cute shower!! By the way.. PRAGUE?! You go girl! That is awesome. Pleaseeee take lots of pictures so your readers (especially me) can live vicariously through you.

  2. what a great baby shower. can't wait for your Prague pics!

  3. Cutest baby shower ever! I love all of the little mustaches everywhere. So cute

  4. Such adorable shower decor!



  5. Cute! I'm jealous that you will be heading to Prague. I want to hear all about it when you get back. I can't wait for you!

  6. Looks like a great party! Have fun in Prague!!!

  7. It was soo much fun, we played bunch of great games and ate way to much of the yummy food

  8. Haha, yes I plan to take LOTS of pictures in Prague. I still can't believe I'm going, it's still a few weeks away but I booked it so on the whim. What can I say, I've been feeling adventurous!

  9. I can't wait to go in general! I'm looking forward to exploring a whole new city on my own... anything can happen!

  10. thanks! I can't take like any of the credit because it was all planned by my other sister, she just sent me things to look and asked what I liked. But it all turned about adorable and was super fun!

  11. I'm way to excited- this whole being adventurous thing is kind of fun!

  12. Thanks! It's still a few weeks away but was still a bit of a last minute decision. I'm looking forward to exploring a whole new place.