22 January 2015

Blogging for Books: The Happiness of Pursuit

After I finished my last Blogging for Books book, Bittersweet, I decided to go in another direction with book choices- non-fiction/memoir type. Honestly I judged a book by it's cover, I had no idea what this was about and thought it might have to do with that movie that came out recently with Simon Pegg (which I know now is actually called Hector and The Search for Happiness). Similar, I know. Either way I'm happy I picked this one out because it was exactly what I needed, especially since I am on the road to pursuing my own quest at this time, to thru-hike The Appalachian Trail. 

Chris Guillebeau's book ,The Happiness of Pursuit, is about the quest for happiness in our society. What others have done, created, amassed to reach their happiness goals. Chris himself made a goal to visit every country in the world. Over the course of the years and with the intention of writing this book, Chris has met with, talked to and interviewed hundreds of people who also set their mind on something unique. He talked to men and women who have walked across different countries, set goals to race over 300 marathons in a year, a woman who lived in a tree to save a forest. The list goes on and on. And over the course of the book he helps guide you to create your own goal or quest. The steps you must take to think it through logically, financially, mentally. How it feels to complete your list, quest or business, in some cases. 

The whole book is about the challenges that others have set for themselves, how they did it - what motivated them to undertake the challenge, how they were able to continue finding new challenges after they completed the first. An entire book of inspiring stories, failures, and quests. He tells you the beginnings of some stories, the journeys, the destinations, all while helping you determine your own destination.

Overall it was a fantastic read- one I would recommend to anyone, whether you have already completed your own challenge, whether you want to start or create a challenge for yourself or you just like being inspired by the challenges of others. 

Winner here in my own book. 

* I received this e-book for free, in exchange for a review- all thoughts and opinions are of my own*

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  1. Oh, I haven't heard of this one but I will definitely have to look into it! I love Blogging for Books! I'm waiting for my second one to come in the mail. This time I'm getting "The Martian". Have you ever read it?

  2. this sounds like a great, positive book!

  3. Yes! The Martian was very good- that was the first one I received from Blogging for Books. I just requested "A Fifty- Year Silence", excited for it to get here!

  4. Very much so, and super inspiring!

  5. Already added this to my 'must read' list. This sounds great! I love these types of inspirational books!