10 November 2014

woah nelly

Hey friends- remember me?  I'm going to try a little harder to be present this week.. starting with today.

Let me back up and give you some pictures updates of Halloween and my pathetic injured animal.

Hopefully we are getting the poor kitty cone taken off today- and as of this morning we have at least down on 2 meds, which is great news for myself. I took the animal with me to babysit my nephew this weekend and the two were quickly bffs. He loved her- followed around my sister's apartment, gave her "gentle" pets and when he dropped things on her and she ran off, and he giggled with delight. It was an exciting evening.

and that's all folks.
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  1. Your costume turned out really well!

  2. Love the Halloween costume!! Such fun pictures and poor kitty:( Lol that would be terrible to wear a cone on your head!

  3. such fun photos! Hope kitty is all better

  4. Thank you! It was really fun and the first time I've really "dressed up" as something in the past few years- usually I just grab a cape and call it a day!

  5. Thanks! I know I felt so bad for my baby but now she has the cone off and doing much better!

  6. Kitty is feeling better- no more cone and now we are only down to a few medications! Progress is happening!