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07 July 2014

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off to Work We Go..

Yep- it's Monday and my week off has officially come to an end. Boo! I am actually excited to see the kids, because yes I did miss them- but I am also missing the relaxing vacation I was participating in down in Florida.

 After a wonderful time at Harry Potter World I drove over to the Tampa area to visit with my Dad's family. His parents, siblings, and all of my cousins are there. I spent some time hanging out with all of them which was super nice because most I hadn't seen in quite some time. Tuesday I mostly sat around at my Uncle's place with my little cousin (who is almost 5!) and my aunt. We played in the pool, enjoyed many Angry Orchard ciders and just relaxed! That's what vacation is for!!

On Wednesday we got up early and took my Uncle's boat out to do some fishing. But in their typical fashion we got out later than we wanted too, became distracted by some abandoned crab traps and didn't get as much fishing in as we could have. I caught lots of bait fish but didn't really have time to catch anything better. Next time, next time.

I headed back to Orlando that afternoon to pick up my friend from work and then I went on my first blate! I was super excited to have the opportunity to meet both Kate from Green Fashionista and Emily from Martinis and Bikinis. They both work in my old neighborhood so we met up at a great little wine bar called, The Wine Room, and chatted for awhile. It was my first time meeting other bloggers face to face and it was super fun! Can't wait to meet some more of you in the future...

delicious cheese plate we had

Thursday was super chill- I went and had breakfast with my dad, shopped around at the mall with my friend and got pedicures. Thursday night I just relaxed and watched a movie.

 As Friday was the fourth (Happy 'Merica Day! ) my friend, her fiance and myself headed to a pool party my brother-in-laws family was hosting. We enjoyed the sun, the food, the drinks and the company (my super adorable nephew included!) Friday night we headed back to their place and watched Disney, Universals and some nearby lake parties fireworks on the balcony. Beautiful as always.

Then on Saturday I did something I have never done before. Before I get into this adventure I want to let you all know that I have family members that work for Disney and I always get tickets from them. We had always planned to go to Disney on Saturday but until Friday evening I was under the assumption that the ticket I possessed was blacked-out from the Magic Kingdom, meaning I could go to the other 3 parks but would be unable to see the new fantasyland and try the new snow white ride. News flash when all of a sudden I am told Friday evening that I am actually able to go to Magic Kingdom. This changed our entire plans.

So we woke up super early (my friend L, her fiance and myself) and decided that we were going to get to Magic Kingdom before it opened and be one of the first people into the park. I have literally in my entire life never done this before. We watched the opening ceremony, and walked through the entire park (with a large crowd behind us) without anyone in front of us. The place was empty! After the mad dash to the new Snow White ride, The Mine Train, we were one of the first 20 people on it for the day. By the time we got off the ride, which was super cute but very short, the wait for the ride was already at 60 minutes!! Crazy- I know. After that we walked on to almost every other ride we wanted to do, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion and Buzz Lightyear. All favorites of mine.

We wandered over to MGM (or Hollywood Studios these days) played the new Toy Story Mania and then just kind of hung out. We ate lunch (or funch - fun lunch) at the 50's Primetime Cafe, attempted to watch the Indiana Jones show before it got rained out and bought some cute stuffed Olaf's for my munchkins.

After that I went to the airport and flew back to good ole' NYC. Sadie and Phoenix were ridiculously excited to see me- which mostly means they harassed me all night and Sunday.

Phew- it was a great trip, but I'm happy to be home, not so happy to be working... Hope everyone had a great fourth!!
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  1. Suuuper jealous of your trip. We're hitting up Disney this October!

  2. So sad your trip is over, but so glad we got to meet up over some mimosas and amazing cheese :)

  3. That cheese plate was amazing!! So good meeting up for our little blate! The rest of your pics from the trip look like tons of fun! Unfortunately, going back to reality aka work sucks sometimes but hopefully the kids make it better ;-)