13 February 2015

off to the races, i'm going places..

well hello Friday! I swear this week has been non-stop. Between Valentine's Day for the kids school, a birthday for little J tomorrow (he's going to be 3!!), and trying to pack for everyone to go out of town life has been a bit hectic. Plus I made a leap and joined ClassPass here in the city so I've been trying to fit in some gym time before being out for a week (which btw I love so far!!)

five randoms:

1) was having the most legit random thoughts yesterday about how I dress myself. As in I always put the same shoe on the first, arm in the same sleeve, ya-da, ya-da. Anyways, after a very interesting gym class yesterday morning (FlyBarre literally kicked my butt) I decided to switch it up and put my clothes on differently. It was really weird. Think about it, try it, be different and feel awkward. Lots of fun!

2) Tomorrow I'm leaving for Prague!! I'm super excited to get away and explore a new gorgeous city. I've received some great tips and recommendations from friends and family. Still need to pack though. baby steps.

3) I took Phoenix to the vet on Tuesday to get her contact taken out and while there went ahead and got a check-up for her. The vet basically told me she was perfect (she legit said "she is perfect"), and the best looking cat that she had seen in a while. my cat-dog is perfection.

4) Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! I've spent a better part of the last few weeks helping big J make valentine's cards for his classmates. He had an assignment (in Kindergarten) to make and write a personal message to every child in his class. This meant that I made 25 bookmarks and he wrote a message on the back. yay children!

5) In case you missed it... Wednesday marks my first Blogiversary!! I seriously cannot believe I've been at this for a year. In honor of the big day, I had some friends join me for a fun giveaway, a $75 gift-card to Amazon and a great ad space with Karissa from A Fresh Start on a Budget. Make sure you enter before it is too late!

Happy Friday!
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  1. Happy one year blogiversary! I think those bookmarks were a great idea and turned out really cute! I can't wait to make valentine's boxes for Paige when she's older. I think it will be so much fun!

  2. Prague! That sounds fantastic. Enjoy your trip!

  3. oh valentine bookmarks - that a lovely idea!

  4. I've heard so many wonderful things- at this point I just wish I was staying longer!!

  5. Thank you! It was way more fun than I thought it was going to be- I try to pretend I don't like crafting but in reality I love it!

  6. Thanks! I'm excited to get away and see some new places!

  7. aw thanks! I figured if he was going to put the effort into writing 25 personal messages, they might as well be on something that could last for a while, be used often, and not get thrown out in a week.